Wednesday, September 27, 2006


After Morning Offering I was able to go back to the Choice 101, writing on Chapter Two. I spent a happy morning, when I wasn’t being hijacked to the bathroom, working on the flow of the first part of the chapter. I added substantially to the thoughts on each concept and now the work has that flow to it which tells me it is happy to be there.

For a while – sometimes for days, when I am working on a new section, things will seem loose and plastic and I can make big changes. What I wait for and look for is that moment when it feels as though the material wants to lock down and take that shape. Then I know I am telling my story as well as I can.

Jim sees more rain coming near the end of the week, and so he was set today to mow all today’s lawns and some of tomorrow’s. His aim is to be in such good shape by Wednesday night that he will not have to worry about the rain on Thursday. Today and tomorrow, therefore, will be heavy work, but with a good result – a rain day for Mick, where he can relax a bit. Although he always makes good use of his time. For over twenty years Jim worked only here at Camelot, pursuing L/L Research service. In all of that time I never have known Jim voluntarily to take a day off or even an hour off. He is a very hard worker and my hat is permanently off to him. These pages are intended to talk about what our little L/L Research family is up to, but you will permit me to say how much I admire and adore my husband. He is a prince on this earth.

After a solitary lunch – Mick was mowing steadily through the lunch hour – I cleared my desk and processed the mail. I spent some time with our paper ledgers, since I found that they were not balanced after all. I was able to balance all but the household account. There is a mystery entry there. I left a note for Lynn asking her to solve that mystery. However she apparently was not able to do so, although she was here for a couple of hours working at it. So that remains my last concern for the books, this week.

I am glad I have spent the time looking into the tangle in the financials. I have a far better idea now of whassup! Basically, we need one person at the books who will stick with the job for more than a couple of months! If Carmen does not feel she can do the work, we shall need to recruit from the business schools. I would rather have Carmen at the financials helm, if she wishes for that job, as she loves the Law of One and the Confederation teachings and therefore is way more motivated to help us out than a person coming in off the street not knowing us.

Our web guy wrote to say that the new issue of Light/Lines is up on site. Gary normally sends the hard copies to those who do not have computer access and still want the newsletter, so that shall need to wait until the weekend when Gary returns from his Stanislav Grof workshop. Tim M, who has just moved house from Australia to Britain, will send out the e-edition to our distribution list. It is a far cry from the days when we sent the newsletter out by snail mail with all the attendant fiddling with special mailing rules. And the rubber bands! That bulk mailing took hundreds of the little blighters.

For the rest of the afternoon I settled in to editing a session of the Aaron/Q’uo Dialogues, finishing it just as Jim called bath time. It was striking to me, how much of the material in that session – dated April 9, 1992, I believe – coincided with Marcelo’s question to the Q’uo group earlier this week, so I sent the rough edit of that session to him before shutting down for the night.

Our evening was uneventful and most pleasant. We were both really weary and dozed as much as we took in Amy Goodman’s news and Link TV’s World Music show. Sedgie remained on either my lap or Jim’s for the entire evening, purring and playful in spite of his obvious emaciation. We have never seen him in any pain or even being stiff. However he is weakened by the lack of food, and tottery now. His loving nature has totally taken over – Sedge used to be very mischievous and you had to watch your limbs! Now he just purrs and enjoys the patting.

We ate a late dinner and offered the Gaia Meditation, with Jim praying at the end, before coming upstairs for a sweet snuggle with all the cats and an early good-night.