Monday, October 02, 2006


The last three months of the year are double-digits and I always feel that Christmas has drawn close when I see the “10” of October hove into view! For the first nine months of the year, in filling out the date one must use a zero – September is zero-nine, for instance. I love the double digit months and all the gathering energy of Christmastide. Happy October! The drug store was chock full of Halloween candy already. Apparently pirates are large this year in the costume department. Arr!

I had gotten all the advance orders for St. Luke’s Choir’s CD of our concert in Washington DC in May prepared, in envelopes and labeled for easy pick-up, and after the service, I stayed to take in money and dispense the newly produced CDs. So far the rush for these CDs is not a stampede! We may have some trouble selling them all!

I did a bit of e-mail and wrote my Camelot Journal entry for yesterday and then finished Papa’s letters! At last! He is a most remarkable teacher and can generate as much as 300 pages of material to study each month. He is getting older and his body is not as cooperative as it once was, but his spirit is such that he carries on as best he can regardless, with brilliant results, and one of his priorities is teaching me.

I am a lucky woman. I always feel so stingy as I write him back, because I never generate a huge pile of material when I write, but just the normal sized letter. And truly I do not write him often at all. Perhaps I can start using a bit of my early morning time to start a letter to him. He cannot use the internet, so all our communications must be snail mail. He definitely gets the slim end of this deal!

Papa is creating a unique archive of history, as he feels that not only are these times crucial, but also that the media has not reported these events without significant bias. His goal has been to record and archive programs which discuss the events of the day clearly and truthfully. It is a massive effort! And I think it is going to be a very valuable archive.

Carmen had come over to volunteer and had been typing my poetry – so-called – into a digital archive. I am not a good poet! But we all write poetry, and as one who has from time to time been part of a singing duo, I have also written many songs. It is just wonderful to have Carmen making a computer version of the poems available to me. Eventually I shall find the time to edit the poems and put them in an archive on-line. You never know what might be of help to a seeker. As un-wonderful as my verse is, sometimes the right thought, however clumsily expressed, does help.

At 4 PM Carmen, Jim and I sat down for a public meeting. We had a fourth member for the first time since last April: Tim M, who has attended our meetings by telephone from Australia for several years now. Tim and his wife moved from New Queen’s Land to Britain, the home of their birth, last April in order to be in a better position to care for their aging parents. Tim reports they’re just a football field down the street from Fiona’s mother, who is already somewhat ailing, and only two hours from his father’s, so that they have been able to visit quite frequently. He and Carmen are both looking for work. Calling the Supply Angel!

It was an odd sort of meeting, since none of the sitting members had questions. Usually the group does generate its own main question. Fortunately we had a backlog of questions people had sent in and we used them. At least we tried to use them all. The questions from jean-Claude did not receive the kind of response I know he wished to see. His question was on the central sun and black holes. We also asked one on crop circles. From the British study Group, we fielded a question on what was going on, metaphysically speaking, at a sweat lodge ceremony they had this summer which had much affected everyone participating. It should be interesting to read what the Q’uo group came up with.

As usual, my memory of the events is very spotty. As the channel, I spend most of my time during a session working in my mind in a very focused state to translate concepts into words, so what the Q’uo have said is always vague to me, as I am caught up in the mechanics of producing the material.

Gary came back from Cracker Barrel and regaled us with his story of what had occurred at his workshop in New York. He had a great time and felt that he had learned a good deal, especially about meditation practice. He’s got the name of a Grof representative here in Louisville and will work further with him. It was great to see him back, safe and happy. He talked of starting an early-morning meditation practice and I told him if he would like to, I will meditate with him. I think it always helps when starting a discipline to do it with a buddy. And I absolutely love silent meditation. It is like candy to me.

We enjoyed conversation and dinner together and offered the Gaia Meditation, with me praying at the end. Then Jim and I talked with Mom McCarty in Nebraska at some length and then had a glorious snuggle with all the pussycats until saying good night at 11 PM.