Friday, October 06, 2006


Our day was moody, the sky brightening and then clouding up and misting. After Morning Offering Jim went to cut down a dead tree for a customer while I tackled Chapter Two of The Choice, smoothing out the Choice of Polarity section and starting on the Examples, beginning with Jesus the Christ.

At 10:30 we went to the photographer’s to choose the publicity shots to use for the UPI column and the upcoming books. We found three really nice shots and they will put them on a CD for us both in color and in black and white. That ought to do me for a while!

I continued working on Chapter Two while Jim did an extra job for a neighbor of a customer. The neighbor is ill and his wife came out to ask Jim if he could possibly tidy up their yard. He obliged, getting into quite a bit more than the lawn mowing as there was debris in the yard to clear first, so we had a late lunch.

I had an appointment at the U f L Digestive Health Clinic, a new place for me to find, and it was a bit tricky. The clinic is, appropriately enough, in the bowels of the big old building and I got lost in the maze of underground corridors for a while. Eventually I found the department and had a consultation with Dr. Wright. He wants a bunch of records I do not have, of a recent colonoscopy and also of the 1992 resection I had which removed about half of my transverse colon. I shall need to get on the telephone tomorrow and try to locate those records.

When I returned home in the rush hour traffic our bath was all ready and Jim and I relaxed into a lovely, quiet evening at home. For quite a while we just sat, content in each others’ company, not needing to talk. We waxed romantic, then descended to the kitchen to make some supper and then to offer the Gaia Meditation. I said the closing prayer.

Gary reported that he has now caught up with the L/L Research Inbox! It was a gargantuan job. I must needs go and do likewise! My own Inbox is teeming.

Jim and I ended the evening with a grand kitty-patting snuggle and we said good night around 11 PM.