Thursday, October 05, 2006


Leaves are beginning to rustle underfoot and the Kentucky skies are glowing with autumn blue. This time of year is so lovely here! Jim has the screens down over the fish ponds now to keep the leaves out.

After our Morning Offering, Jim mowed all morning, clearing his schedule for the day. Meanwhile I wrote a column for UPI on sexual addiction. My editor had asked me to do such an article some time ago but there are so many more interesting topics! However, with the news of the day being on this topic, it seemed like the right time. There’s a ton of material on addiction which could be discussed in addition to sexual addiction and substance abuse. We flirt with addiction to so many things, on so many levels, from addiction to our personality shell to addiction to shopping, eating, you name it.

Perhaps our deepest addiction is to speed. I was at a four-way stop yesterday and a car came through the intersection without stopping and turned left in front of me. He was talking on his cell phone, of course, but as he passed, he looked at me. I could read his lips. He was calling me an asshole.

Righteous indignation will do nothing helpful. We are, as a nation, dysfunctional in many ways! We just have to love each other through this. How can we regain our balance, not just personally but as a culture? I suppose it begins with my not using my cell phone in the car, not disobeying traffic laws and in general slowing down all by my lonesome. Mayhap it will catch on!

Jim came home for lunch and our stretching exercises. Then we had a visit with a solar architect who specializes in passive solar houses. He showed us what he can do, and then he and Jim went up to Avalon to look over the house site there. Jim came home quite enthused about the possibilities. The concepts behind his work are super-insulation, circulation of air under the floors to use the hot air at the top of the rooms and the placement of the main rooms in the house all on the south side, to bring in as much light as possible.

This makes a good bit of sense for us. Active solar technology works to an extent for us already on Avalon, but we have so many cloudy days in the cooler seasons, say from now through the middle of March, that sometimes the batteries have no sunshine to store.

Now we shall need to create a drawing of our present house, as the architect wishes to know what all we will be putting in the new house. All of us here are artistically and technically challenged! That is going to be A Job.

After the men left for Avalon, I joined Gary in the downstairs office where he was finishing emptying the L/L Research Inbox, which had grown to mammoth proportions over his time away. My target was the books. I did everything I knew how to do, entering bills and credit card charges and sorting through everything to organize it. Lynn had been concerned that I would pay the bills wrongly, so I stopped short of writing the checks. There seems to be a step in QuickBooks which she feels I am missing.

Finishing all the book work I could do, I came back upstairs and addressed the Inbox, which in my case is far from caught up, as usual. I
- Discussed volunteering on various projects with Gary and our web guy.
- Thanked Joann T for her very savvy comments on a UPI article I wrote.
- Had a substantial discussion with our web guy about the journal material from the old site. He suggests making a niche for all the various “Carla” things, like my old taped letter transcripts, the Camelot Journal archives, my speeches and the information about my counseling and channeling.
- Thanked Larry, my UPI editor, for being especially complimentary about this week’s article.
- Let Jean-Claude know that we asked the first of his many questions last Sunday. However we do not yet have the session transcribed. I shall send him the session as soon as it is typed up and edited.
- Addressed Terry H’s suggestion that we furnish a digital copy of the LOO sessions to Gutenberg, a big database. I suggested that we already had digital versions of the work on our site, and there were several other sites that also have this material, so that I did not think we needed to go further with replicating the material. It is available world-wide thanks to the internet.
- Thanked Bill G for kind comments on my UPI writing and also for making a post on the asc2k discussion group on polarity, using material from A Wanderer’s Handbook.
- Let our lawyer know that Jim and I were not ready to go further with any legal changes on Avalon. We shall need to rethink this completely.

Bath time came and Jim and I enjoyed relaxing and patting kitties while watching Amy Goodman’s newscast. I went to choir practice at St. Luke’s, returning home to find Mick getting another large Amazon order ready to mail. Someone must be talking up the Law of One lately, as the books are moving briskly, more so than usual. When it spikes like that, usually someone has talked about the work on a national show of some kind. We are thankful.

We had a late supper together and offered the Gaia Meditation with Gary. Jim offered the closing prayer. A late snuggle and our day was done around 11 PM.