Wednesday, October 04, 2006


After Morning Offering, Jim set out for a whole day of mowing and other work for customers east of us, his only two jobs outside of our little village of Anchorage. One is his first customer other than family, Marjory, who owns a 200-year-old farm and mansion, including a cemetery with slave stones. Now that’s a piece of history about which you never hear. There are lots of markers in the cemetery with engraved names and epitaphs. However the slaves, when they were buried, got only a plain marker – no name or epitaph. Jim cleans the cemetery each year for her as well as mowing her yard and doing many handyman chores around the big old place. His other distant customer is an Anchorage family who moved east.

I reworked the section of Chapter Two on The Choice during the morning, until I was somewhat pleased with it. Then I took up Steve M’s suggestions for the Preface and the Introduction and got them worked through. I sent those off to Steve for his review. It is good to see the early parts of the book coming into a finalized form.

I had several rounds of discussion by e-mail with Louisville’s newspaper, the Courier-Journal. I tried to place an ad for a week, the ad being a search for a new bookkeeper. However their price for a week is almost $800.00! After much discussion, I found that the very cheapest entry, one day, no internet, no other perqs, would cost us about $350. Isn’t that amazing? Needless to say, Jim and I are looking for alternative solutions! We are hoping that there is a newspaper that serves this end of Jefferson County, whose rates are a bit more reasonable.

I heard from Judy R, who had been away from her computer for several days and had just seen my e-mails. I was so glad to get back in contact! Judy is one of those people who are part of me in a way I cannot describe. Knowing that she is “there” makes me feel very good! She promised to send me AQ3, the third bunch of sessions with Barbara B channeling Aaron and me channeling the Q’uo, as soon as she massages it one more time. She incorporates corrections I make in one set of transcripts into her pre-edit before she sends me the next batch, which is most thoughtful as it makes my job way easier.

I thanked Joann T and Monica L for comments and thoughts on my UPI articles and wrote a sympathy note to Jackie, whose son died earlier this week. Jim and I had met her and her son, Jonathan, when we were visiting in California last January. He had a series of brain tumors, all of which the doctors had removed. This last one, however, was inoperable. Jon was only a teenager. How difficult for Jackie! Jon must have come to Earth for a limited course of study and review. I know he “passed” with flying colors.

I had an appointment at the Hubbard Clinic to follow up on the bladder studies they are doing on me. It was one of those unfortunate times when you arrive back home feeling worse than when you left. It puts me in mind of a Latin epigram by someone like Epictetus: “I was feeling well until I saw my doctor.” However, the clinic got what it needed in order to prescribe further medications. I can definitely hope they will help!

Mick was just finishing drawing our bath when I got home, so I got no chance to do bookkeeping today, although I had it in mind! This was a rough day as far as comfort goes, so I decided to rest completely for the evening. Jim and I came upstairs and relaxed with the kitties before going downstairs for the Gaia Meditation, with Gary offering the ending prayer, and a late supper. We sought our beds around 11 PM.