Tuesday, October 10, 2006


The weather stayed sweet and sparkling today and Jim rolled through a mountain of mowing after Morning Offering, determined to mow all his lawns before we leave for my high school reunion on Thursday. I am so looking forward to that occasion. It has been many years since I saw Beth and Ann P. Helen and Anne B are more frequent visitors, but still it has been five years or so since I saw them. It is so delicious to re-gather when shared history was all on the plus side! And these women have done such substantive things with themselves. I anticipate the meeting with much pleasure. But Jim does have to hustle to get five days of mowing done in four days! And the weather is not helping. Rain is being forecast for Wednesday and Thursday both.

I worked on Chapter Two in the morning, writing about Peace Pilgrim. She is my second example of service to others and the positive polarity. I love her story and I love her.

After lunch I worked on the books. My goal is to get them up to date and all accounts balanced. I discovered after working until 4 PM that I was not going to be able to balance the household books. I have the paper ledger balanced and have done all of the checking which has everything listed in QuickBooks in the paper records as well. However, when I try to reconcile the bank account, numbers pop up for the previous ending balance which match nothing whatsoever in the last two years of bank statements.

I called my tax accountant and told him of this situation and he will come out next Monday and check all three accounts. So by then, my goal is to have the L/L Research account in as solid a shape as the household account is. That is the one account I have not yet tackled. It is daunting, as our previous bookkeeper, Lynn, left so many check stubs unmarked and I shall need to be a detective, as I was for the other two accounts – house and Jim’s Lawn service – and figure out the paper trail from breadcrumbs and secret messages – at least that is what it feels like! This crisis makes me appreciate Melissa ever more. In her hands things went very smoothly indeed. The woman is a total gem.

What time was left in the work day was devoted to working with Judy R to firm up protocol on the Aaron/Q’uo Dialogues editing and to writing an article for the St. Luke’s Newsletter on these CDs I have been flogging for the choir. The sales have been slow and I thought if I explained why we needed new robes – the Washington Cathedral CDs being a fundraiser for new robes – perhaps people would be more generous. The CD is a very pretty mini-concert of about 25 minutes, Anglican-type church music. It’s a nice gift, a thoughtful one for St. Luke’s parishioners.

The story is cute, actually, so I’ll tell it here. It seems a lady fell in love with one of the British cathedrals and wanted St. Luke’s choir togged out in the same robes. So she donated them, a wonderfully generous gesture. She did not take into account the difference in climates between Britain and the American South! The robes are good English wool, and thoroughly lined. And we just swelter in them from April to October. Plus, there are not enough of them, as the parish is expanding fairly rapidly and so is the choir.

That work took me to bath time. Jim and I devoted a bit of time before relaxing to straightening out a freight snafu and then enjoyed Amy Goodman’s newscast and a CSI Miami episode before coming downstairs to have supper and offer the Gaia Meditation. I prayed at the end tonight. After a pleasant conversation with Gary, and Gary and my both reading for some time while Jim worked with laundry and other household chores, Jim and I said good night to Gary and went upstairs for our kitty-snuggle, saying farewell around 11 PM.