Monday, October 09, 2006


I snoozed until almost 6 AM, a late start for me – I tend to awaken naturally around 5 or 5:30, and have all my life. I like that, because as a person I experience the most energy in the morning and then wind down through the day like a clock. I used the time to work in my room cleaning around, and then writing the Camelot Journal entry for yesterday and then descended to awaken St. James.

We had a lovely, leisurely breakfast and I got the pleasure of working the Sunday puzzles, a favorite thing of mine. Then Jim cleaned and I went to sing a service at St. Luke’s. I stayed late at church and sold some more CDs of our choir singing at the National Cathedral in May.

After lunch Mick and I stretched and bathed, then came up to spend some time with Sedgie. This ended up being a nap! Jim woke me in time for the Sunday Meeting. Carmen, Romi, Tom, Jim and I formed the circle of seeking. We used a question from Margaret P which she had sent in and also elements suggested by the sitting group. The question was about dealing with mood swings, feeling despair and feeling out of harmony with oneself. It will be interesting to read what they had to say. I particularly distinguished myself during this session by dropping below the level of conscious awareness. I am not sure whether I drowsed or whether I was going into trance. At any rate, I startled awake, still in contact with the Q’uo group. So the Q’uo asked for a repeat on the question and we finished the session without further incident. But that’s a first for me.

The group stayed, except for Tom, for a long conversation. Carmen worked for some time on typing my poetry in to the computer so I can eventually edit it and put it up on line. Not that it is deathless verse, but you never know what might help someone who is surfing around looking for leads, and my poetry is often metaphysical.

After the Gaia Meditation, with Romi offering the closing prayer, Jim and I said good night to Gary, Romi and Carmen and came upstairs for a snuggle with the kitties and then bed around 11 PM.