Friday, October 20, 2006


When I awoke, Sedge was again close to death. He remained so all day, and I kept him close in a kitty basket with a cover. It was not supposed to rain until the afternoon, but in fact Jim had to mow in the drizzle.

After Morning Offering, I settled in for a morning of e-mail work. I:
Jotted a note to MacDuffie alum, Brenda.
Wrote Barbara about our relay call next week.
Sent my UPI column on the reunion to my reuning sisters, Ann, Anne, Helen and Beth, with a note.
Talked with my UPI editor, Larry.
Wrote Fr. Joe about the choir doing work for the pictorial directory next month.
Decided how the Wooded Glen materials should be archived.
Worked with our web guy on the text for our Carla’s Niche page.
Worked on editing a recent channeling session with our web guy.

I had been working on material from our web guy for several days, and I finally managed to catch up with his questions and suggestions. I did a happy dance in my mind, as for a while there I wondered if I would ever do so! Now to focus on Steve M’s many excellent offerings! His e-mail is next on my priority list, as he has been reviewing the Choice text for me.

Jim landed, having finished his morning’s work and collected both mowers from the repair shop, and we had a good lunch and stretching routine together. He was rained out for the afternoon and so worked at home to sharpen all his blades. He also cleaned the garage and potting shed and rearranged his tools, having more room now that the clamshell bagger is gone to a new home.

I tackled the books, not to fix anything, just doing the routine entering of charges and paying of bills. I got finished with the Jim’s Lawn Service books and made a start on the L/L Research books. I shall continue with both the e-mail assault and the bookkeeping tomorrow.

I took some time to glean the summer clothes out of my closet in late afternoon, since Jim offered to do the carrying involved in switching winter clothes for summer. By bath time, I had a closet-full of warm duds. It is exactly the right day to switch clothes, as the whole day was chill, overcast and sober, with the fall leaves washing down all around.

I also finished unpacking, the final effort at that. The unpacking after our trips comes in stages, and the last stage, today, is putting away things which landed in Jim’s baggage on the trip home. As I tucked things away and cleaned out my travel organizers, I thought that it will not be long before we head out for Nebraska! The year is winding down quickly.

Jim called bath time, and I uttered a prayer for the morrow – Please, Lord, help me catch up! – and gave it up for the day. We enjoyed a fine evening of leisure and kitty-patting, wrapping several orders of books for mailing before offering the Gaia Meditation, with my closing prayer, supping and eventually saying good night around 11 PM/