Tuesday, October 17, 2006


Pickwick had welcomed me home immediately, frisking up and rubbing noses, when we arrived home from the airport Sunday. Sedgie had taken about ten minutes to express his reservations at our going away, but soon settled in to enjoying my lap, when we returned. Chloe held out for five hours before purring against my neck and kneading me in welcome around 9:30 PM. Dan D. Lion held out all day, all night and until this morning, finally coming to me with a purr and a rub at Morning Offering.

Ah! Now I know I am home!

Pat S. from our tax accountant’s office came over at 8 AM, as arranged last week, to work on our books. At that precise moment, our power went off. There is no way to do QuickBooks work with the power off, so Pat departed the fix outbound in the drizzle. Our power came on an hour later. There was no clear reason for the outage, no big storm or wind. However we live in a well groomed forest here in the village and mature trees slough off branches at will, so probably a branch came down across a wire.

We had our Morning Offering and then Jim went to mow despite the wet. I took the morning to compose a letter to all the MacDuffie alumnae who had given me their e-mail addresses. Then I started to enter the data from each of their notes to me. This took until lunchtime.

Jim was able to have lunch and a stretch with me, thanks to the rain’s getting more heavy. He was unable to cut further, but spent a profitable afternoon sharpening mower blades and preparing his leaf catcher for offering it for sale. It does not pay him to use that attachment, he has found, as it costs more to attach and unattach the accessory than the money he can make with it, since most of his customers like his mulching “gator blades” which demolish the leaves down to powder and drop them as a dressing back on to the soil, which is good for the earth’s fertility.

We had received over a dozen calls for the QuickBooks job and Gary tackled calling them all and asking them for resumes after lunch. He also showed me how to create a send group, something I had not previously known how to do. I created the MacDuffie group and sent them the letter.

I took in my e-mail and spent quite a while just becoming familiar with new messages and deleting spam. After that here was a good bit of unpacking and clearing away to do from the trip and I took until bath time to neaten the items we had taken with us and put them away.

We had an uneventful and most pleasant evening, during which I mostly snoozed, still exhausted from the trip. We patted kitties, conversed with Gary, enjoyed supper and the Gaia Meditation and said good night around 11 PM.