Friday, October 27, 2006


Our world was raining all day today, just a drizzle for the most part but making the peak of colors a bit drab. Jim found a way to work amidst the raindrops after Morning Offering while I came up to work on the villainy section of Chapter Two.

I spent a very interesting morning looking for a better villain than Gregory Rasputin, whom I was intending to use as an example of service-to-self thinking and actions. Genghis Khan had done so well! But Rasputin was just a psychic, half mad healer with the native cunning to manipulate a good position. It wouldn’t fadge! So off I went, and eventually found better fodder for my mill in Pope Alexander VI, a Borgia family member. I look forward to telling his story tomorrow.

The entire afternoon was spent at the doctor’s office and then the hospital, getting pre-registered for the bladder distention test on November 2nd and getting no less than five vials of blood drawn for tests. I had an EKG and a chest X-ray as well. And two generations of nurses asking questions and jotting things down. It is an incredible amount of fuss for one little hospital test! No wonder our rates for insurance keep going up.

I finally walked out of the hospital at 6:30 PM! I had been going through the hoops for five hours all told. It was grand to get out of there! Everything was late, of course, because of my lateness, but Jim and I eventually got bathed, fed and offered the Gaia Meditation before bedtime.