Wednesday, October 25, 2006


After Morning Offering, Jim went leaf crunching while I spent the morning with Genghis Khan. Finally, I am back on schedule, writing on Chapter two of The Choice 101! The “housekeeping” days paid off! It was great to be back on track.

I was surprised to find out just how bloodthirsty Genghis Khan was. His Mongol forces killed 30 million people over the half-century of his campaigns, most of them northern Chinese. Now there is a good example of serious service-to-self polarity! Tomorrow I need to write the UPI article for the week, but Thursday I go back to the villains and work on telling Rasputin’s story.

After lunch I spent some time working with Gary on various e-mails he had received that he wanted my input in answering. He is always well organized and we moved through everything quickly. I came back upstairs and spent the afternoon editing our Sunday meditation from October first. I know Jean-Claude, Jamie, Ian B and Pupak will be glad to see the responses to their questions.

The hour arrived for me to put in my stint at the bookkeeping, so I took up the financial papers and entered data until Jim called bath time. He had had an excellent day despite the deep chill, thanks to some really good winter underwear made of silk and wool I found last year for him to work in when it is cold. After we dressed and got our drinks together we interviewed two more people for the bookkeeping position. I believe we have found our bookkeeper! Pam is a mother whose nest is emptying. She is looking for a few more hours of work in a life-style that is based on several part-time jobs. Her skills and expertise are excellent.

What was unusual about Pam was how present she was. When we asked her if channeling seemed an OK thing to her – remember, we are living in hard-shell Baptist country and some citizens in these parts would lynch me as a sinner and a Satanist – she said, “Well, sure, but you know, I have never known what channeling really is. It sounds interesting. What is channeling?” So we talked about that. Her interest was genuine and relaxed, as her whole demeanor was. And when she left, she said, “I know you have to pick from among many good candidates, so if I don’t get this job, I just want to wish you well with your work.”

The combination of her presence, her exquisite courtesy, her skills and her statement that if she got this job we’d have her forever won us both over. If Jim still feels the same tomorrow morning, we will call her and hire her! And we will at last be squared away in the downstairs office! Oh Heavenly Days! Of course I will need to take her through the books the first time, and for a while she will be hitting things for the first time and I’ll need to work with her on those items, but that’s small change compared to the hours I have spent at the financials desk recently, just keeping things together during this crisis.

The remainder of our evening was a pleasant haze of conversation with Gary, Carmen and Romi, who was visiting. Romi reported that he and Ian have done a lot of preparation for the upcoming broadcasting series. They are setting up so we can broadcast the remaining channeling sessions of this season, starting in December and running through May. Romi is sacrificing his time to run the board for this series, bless his great big service-to-others heart. We will pay for a private chat room in this series, and people will be able to sign up for the series, get their passwords, and have a good shot at having a good experience with the voice coming over the internet.

Romi offered the ending prayer at the Gaia Meditation and we enjoyed watching the St. Louis Cardinals take a World Series game in handy style. I saw my first fast ball clocked at over 100 miles an hour, thrown by Joel Zumaya. What an amazing talent that is! Nevertheless Scott Carpenter’s less showy style won the day for the Cards. I still think the Detroit Tigers have the best initial in the League! That is one fancy “D” on those caps!

Jim and I came upstairs for a bedtime snuggle and said good night at about 11 PM.