Sunday, October 29, 2006


After Morning Offering, Jim and Gary set out to crunch Friday’s leaves, as the rains had finally dissipated. I was feeling much better, but was still significantly under the weather, so I went quite slowly all day, reading up on various villains and ultimately choosing Idi Amin’s story as my second example. His service-to-self factor was really overt and “out there”, which was what I hoped to see. Many are the figures in modern history whose actions have been suspect, but for an exemplar one want a truly bad-acting guy. And yes, I did check out the ladies in the form of Lucrecia Borgia, but she was just one of a large bunch of Borgias, all worse than the next but none obviously the champeen!

By bath time I had written the text on Idi Amin and vetted it. Now I have Hitler’s story to tell, and Chapter Two will be ready to read over and finish in its first rough draft form.

Jim was happy to finish his chores in time to watch Michigan play Northwestern, winning handily. I hung out with him and read first in my romance novel and then in a book on diet which Papa sent me for my birthday. It explains the need to eat more for breakfast in a way I can understand, so I will attempt to change my dietary habits a bit, once I run out of the soft “Alouette” cheese which I so enjoy on nut thins, presently, for brekky. I’ll substitute oatmeal, as recommended – the book does not specify oatmeal but rather bulk and roughage. Oatmeal is about the easiest kind of bulk for my system to absorb.

We offered the Gaia Meditation along with Gary, who had put in a long day at the L/L Research Inbox, with me offering the ending prayer, and then Jim and I stayed up late, since it was clock-changing day. Jim changed all the smoke alarm batteries as well, to the kitties’ dismay as he tested them all and they squealed obligingly – the smoke detectors, not the cats! It was a lovely evening for us, and one that comes only once a year, when one gets that delicious extra hour – which one must oh, so grudgingly give back next April when daylight savings time kicks in.