Friday, November 03, 2006


This was the day for me to take the “cysto-hydro” test. After Morning Offering, Jim went to crunch leaves, as this is the height of autumnal leaf-fall. Gary and I set off for the hospital. It was almost three in the afternoon when we got out and got to go home.

Unfortunately my bladder was not able to deal with the procedure, for it ruptured. Thy staff reassured me that it would heal on its own, probably within three or four days. The sent me home catheterized. I shall need to go back to them next Monday to get that catheter out.

I was on pain medication for the rest of the day. Hopefully, the pain will drop off quickly and I shall be pain-med-free soon. I dislike any pain med as such medicine controls pain at the expense of your bowel health. You might as well intake concrete as far as the pain med’s effects on the system.

The diagnosis was indeed interstitial cystitis, and according the MD whom I saw after the operation, it is a fairly bad case of that disease. Since there is nothing anyone in Western medicine knows to do except throw harsh medications at the condition, I shall need to keep my nets of faith and confidence mended.

Jim came home, having gotten everything done on his lawn work list, and we enjoyed the rest of a very quiet day together before offering the Gaia Meditation and coming up to bed.