Wednesday, November 01, 2006


Rain fell on the ghoulies and the ghosties as Kentucky greeted the eve of All Saints Day and Jim went out to deal with the elements. Fortunately for his work, the drizzle was unimposing and the leaves du matin were eventually all crunched. By the time more weather came storming in, at noon, he was ensconced doing inside work, putting plastic over the inside of windows in a huge old mansion, over 200 years old, which one of his clients is winterizing before she goes south for the winter.

I was in the bathroom most of the morning, a difficult morning for me physically, and did not get done the writing on Hitler. I continued to read sources that were writing about him on the internet and greatly appreciate the incredible amount of information out there.

No morning is the perfect morning for the deep-cleaning people to come. Talk about noise and disruption! However we needed to clean the three rugs which our boisterous kittens have decided look a lot like litter boxes. We got our rugs cleaned and then a bonus – they cleaned one rug in error so it was a freebie.

In the middle of all those hoses and wires and loud cleaning noises, plants came for the perennial demonstration garden Jim is making – what ghastly timing! I sorted them out from the plastic peanuts in which they were packed, found a wooden box with drainage to hold them all and put them outside where they could take the drizzle and enjoy our outside air.

This goes down as THE hardest morning for me in many a moon! I ended up sidelined. As in sitting, staring into space, just trying to get back to a normal breathing pattern. Bless Gary – he saw my exhaustion and kindly fixed me some lunch.

I had intended to write a UPI article for this week’s column on people as wind instruments – what the breath and music are all about. However, a part of that article was going to be a quote from a friend, and I needed both to get the quote right and to get his permission to use it, and he was unavailable, being on a journey. So I wrote the article instead on hope and faith, inspired by a letter from Monica L. I need to get it in early, as I will be training our new bookkeeper, Pam, tomorrow and that is likely to take most, if not all, of my day.

There is a reception at St. Luke’s after the 11:00 AM service this coming Sunday for our priest, Father Joe. I was delegated the job of notifying everyone in the Parish directory from R through Z, and so I whiled away a few moments calling two out of three pages of names. I ran out of time on that and shall need to do the rest of the calling tomorrow.

Before I quit for the day I wrote Monica L to say thank you for the great letter and also to share a bit on points she brought up which did not need to be discussed in public.

To polish off the afternoon, I took my “saddlebag” from St. Luke’s pledge drive to the next family on the little list, finally discovering Winged Foot Drive in the depths of a nearby subdivision. What a lovely house it was too, and decorated with mums and pumpkins in such a cheery fashion. It is good to visit with Brenda and to get that little chore done!

Mick rolled in about when I did, and we had a very sweet and quiet evening. Romi came to visit and we all enjoyed supper, the Gaia Meditation and an episode of House before saying good night.