Wednesday, November 08, 2006


Voting Day 2006 was a drizzling, dark and oak-leaf-strewn day, not the best for getting out the vote, but the stakes are high and Jim, Gary and I went up to cast our ballots soon after Morning Offering. This is the 22nd anniversary of Don's death, and we all paused to send his sweet and noble soul our love and thanks.

Jim had a rain-out morning and spent the time profitably by going to Louisville Tractor with Susie, the smaller of the commercial mowers, due for a 100-mile tune-up, and buying a new blower to replace his old, bungee-cord-handled one, which bit the pavement recently, falling under the trailer and being dragged to death. We were sorry to see the end of old Huff, which was given to Jim by Marion, Don’s uncle, and me almost a decade ago now. We asked the spirit of old Huff to enter the body of Huff, Junior, as we love that sweet and willing machine-soul.

While Gary manned the admin desk downstairs I came up to do what I could, still clutching my hotpad and feeling muzzy-headed. However, throughout the day I got some e-mail written. The list includes letters to:
- Larry M, letting him know I was ill, and thanking him for his article on the peace initiative. I especially like what he said about the media – that it needs to spend as much time reporting conflict resolution as it does reporting conflict.
- Pupak H-B, encouraging her as she attempts to go through immigration paperwork to come to our Midwinter Gathering from Britain
- Encouragement to Tim M as he and his wife explore a different approach to the spiritual walk, and thanks as he continues his volunteer efforts for us
- My brother, Tommy, updating him on Christmas plans and offering to help him find a B&B for his family, as not all of our tribe fits in our house
- Terry H, thanking him for some very kind words and also congratulating him on working almost through Book Four in his translation of TLOO into Chinese.
- Dave G, assuring him that books he wanted us to receive have not been received yet
- L/L Research Lawyer Jeff, regarding the Avalon situation with L/L Research’s lease and our plans to move there personally
- MacDuffie alumna Lee R, thanking her for kind comments and also for her recent news, which I will write into an article soon for the alumnae magazine
- Linda W-P, thanking her for an amazing article on an ancient Hawaiian healing technique called oponopono. A web site you can start with to read further is I was so impressed with this material! It may provide good meat for a UPI article soon.
- Harry P, a musician who had invited us to a special peace and healing evening with his jazz ensemble. We could not attend due to my illness and so I told him, encouraging him to ask us again next time.
- Mystery B, a seeker attempting to contact me, referred by my very old anarchist friend, Allen Greenfield, who is now a Gnostic Bishop. His memory of me is fuzzy, I think, as he called me Carl in his letter of recommendation. Gee, you would have thought he’d have noticed that I was a lady!
- Les of the Angels, whom I thanked for sending me information on something called micronutrients. That web site is As with many threads of research, you have to read carefully and ponder at length!
- Heidi J, to thank her for her kind words about a UPI article on high school reunions I wrote recently
- Melissa T, to thank her fervently for standing ready to help our new bookkeeper from her faraway new home out west
- Steve M, to thank him for working on The Choice, reading and commenting on Chapter One
- Rosi B, to thank her for an incredibly positive and light-filled message
- Monica L, addressing her concerns about how to pursue spiritual process when your work is almost entirely with computers, not people.

Somewhere in there, I stopped for lunch and a nap. I was right to feel I needed some healing time right now. I went to sleep as soon as I gave myself permission and slept a solid three hours! Before I came back upstairs, Gary sat down with a tape recorder and Terry H’s latest batch of questions on the translating work, and I spent perhaps an hour putting answers to his questions on tape for Gary to transcribe and send to him.

After Jim finished his day, cutting up leaves in the drizzle, we had a lovely bathe and settled down for a quiet evening, me with my hotpad and Jim with all the kitties to pat. Romi joined us for supper and the Gaia Meditation and we all enjoyed an episode of House on TV before saying good night to Romi and Gary and coming upstairs to enjoy a last snuggle. Jim and I parted for the night around 11 PM.