Sunday, November 12, 2006


It’s harmonic convergence day, being 11-11! The world was weeping gently most of the morning and dampened me as I got the paper before we made our Morning Offering. It is to be noted that the Saturday puzzle is always the hardest one of the week, and I solved it! Such things gladden my heart.

Jim cooked for the week ahead while I went to St. Luke’s to sit and accept photo shoot people. St. Luke’s is making a new Parish Directory with photos of the members, to help everyone get to know everyone in this era of expansion at St. Luke’s. I did that until close to lunch time and came home feeling extremely ill. For a while, I rested and recovered, most thankful for my hot pad.

Jim went out for errands and came back with our fast food lunch treat – we do enjoy our weekends! After we had watched some football and eaten, we sat down for a couple of hours of serious talk and decision making about our future plans for Avalon. It was an excellent work session and we got things decided, to the point where we know how to proceed.

We shall move ahead with the paperwork for revising the lease between L/L Research and Jim and me. One revision will be to place a periodicity on the lease. The other revision will be to reserve from the lease the two lots we intend to survey out for ourselves – one for Jim and me and one for another L/L Research family. It is important to reserve these lots now, before anything occurs on Avalon in the way of income production. Otherwise it might appear that we were using L/L-leased land for private purposes, after designating it as leased to a non-profit corporation. This would imperil our non-profit status and we wish to be solid in supporting that status. It is somewhat expensive to do this surveying and so forth, but to stay in our integrity we need to do that.

We will also reserve Sugar Shack as our personal place. It is a charming old shack and if L/L Research has fortune in the future, it would be a beautiful idea to make a little museum of it, basically rebuilding it in place to look the same and putting all the old L/L artifacts there, everything from the items in the room we used for the Ra sessions to the typewriter upon which Jim transcribed the Ra sessions and all the bent spoons in between.

We have plenty of poplar boards to harvest, as there is another ramshackle building on the land, now collapsed completely, which boasts many good boards. We could definitely reconstruct the original if we wish.

However our reason for reserving it is that we would like to live there while our house is being built. Therefore it needs to be reserved from the lease and held for personal use.

Once that was decided, we dived into Gary Watrous’s passive solar design for the house. We shall have a good bit to do, measuring room areas and furniture and making many choices, before consulting with him again.

I will take our notes from today and send them to Gary by e-mail, letting him know our subjective timetable for getting all the measuring done. We shall ask him to plan on meeting again in December.

Other than these two good deeds on my part, I mostly slept the day away. I cannot imagine why I am so exhausted, but I do seem to be so. I got a call late yesterday from Dr. June’s lab department. They wanted me to know I was severely anemic and asked if I was having an internal bleed. I am not – the characteristic black, tarry look of the stool is not present. However, I shall have to go back to Dr. Aboud with that little development.

It makes little sense, unless my body has once again stopped absorbing nutrients. It did that once before, in the years leading up to the resection of half of my transverse colon. I eat plenty of protein, being a typical meat eater and eating some form of meat, whether fowl, fish or red meat, daily. I am fortunate in that I already have started an investigation into possible problems in the GI tract. I see Dr. Wright of the Digestive Health Center at the U of L Medical School again in December.

So – for the present, I am seeking only to stay present and conscious with this. If I can work in the outer world, wonderful, but that is not the point right now. I sense every chance that the loyal opposition would like me to react to these circumstances by losing heart and becoming depressed at my lack of seeming forward motion, especially on the Choice project. Consequently I feel my chief work now is maintaining my even keel. Approached with a sense of rightness and thanksgiving, no illness or pain can sway the open heart. That is my present goal: remaining myself, aware and conscious.

At the same time, being a practical person, I am altering my eating habits to reflect the recommendations of the doctors for treating interstitial cystitis.

Jim worked in the yard during the afternoon hours, coming in to share a bath and the evening with me. We offered the Gaia Meditation amidst a flurry of football games and ended the evening snuggling with the cats, saying good night around midnight.