Sunday, November 19, 2006


Jim and I awoke to a continually varied day, that speciality of Kentucky weather. Perhaps people all over the world say the same, but it does seem, in this neck of the woods, that if you do not like the weather, just wait! It will change.

After Morning Offering, Jim cooked during the morning. I was dragging badly and gave myself the day off. I slept most of the day. I sincerely hope that this state of apparent physical exhaustion can be improved. However for today, I yielded to what was happening and rested.

Jim was most happy today. Between chores he got to see a lot of football. He was especially interested in the Cal – USC game. I napped right alongside him and enjoyed the roar of the TV crowd and the barking of the commentators. I have strongly positive associations with this din, stemming from happy childhood Saturdays, with my Dad whistling to himself as he fixed our latest dead toaster or lamp, Mom and my brother Jim working a jigsaw puzzle and the football game dancing across the television screen as I read my latest book. Just hearing the crowd noise puts me in a good mood, to this day.

By nightfall our little acre was much improved, thanks to Jim’s care. He got up on the roof and blew all the leaves out of the gutters and worked further to crunch leaves on the ground in the yard. It is almost ended, this rainfall of leaves. We have only the willow and honeysuckle still in green clothing now, and those are firing up. Jim’s off-season has officially begun!

Gary arrived home from his sojourn in Ohio, very glad that he had attended his friend’s funeral and had been able to spend time with the whole crowd of which he and this young man were a part when they were growing up. After conversation and dinner, Gary left for his girlfriend’s home and Jim and I shared the Gaia Meditation, with me offering the ending prayer, before coming up to snuggle until bedtime at midnight.