Friday, November 17, 2006


It was a wet, soggy day and Jim somehow managed to work between spells of stormy weather to get his leaves crunched and his other customers’ chores done for the day.

After Morning Offering, I consulted for a while with Gary on various matters L/L. He sent me Will’s revised questions. They still needed tweaking as they were diffuse, but Will’s work had enabled me to see his priorities, so I did not feel that I was distorting his questions in making them easier for the Q’uo group to sink their collective teeth into for a helpful response.

Gary put in some Inbox admin time for L/L Research before lunch. I got little done in the morning, dealing with the onslaught of bathroom calls which hits my body from about 6 AM until mid-afternoon, the thickest frequency being from about 9 to 12 noon, which is why my mornings have been so unproductive lately.

After lunch, Jim, Gary and I sat down for Will’s session. He called in at 1 PM. His questions were mostly about raising an Indigo Child skillfully, and the dynamics of having a psychic connection with his child. He also asked about creative work, and I found his question on sounds versus words in writing music interesting personally, as I also write songs from time to time.

Gary left immediately after the session for Ohio, whence he hails, as a childhood friend has died and there is a lot of blessing in the closure of attending the funeral.

I came upstairs and worked through the remainder of Chapter Two of The Choice. It was a banner day in that I did not feel the need to rip it up and start over, a feat for which I am famous, as I really like my work to be my best. I think this chapter is that, now.

We shall see what my readers – Gary B, Melissa T and Steve M – have to say! I sent it off to all three of them. My next work will be to put that chapter to bed, in terms of being sure all my quotations are in order and the work, for now, completed on that.

I had an appointment with the Hubbard Clinic after that, and really had to scoot to make it – but got there just in time. The news there was drab, as I suppose it must be when the condition being dealt with is drab as well! I am not responding to the medications given so far. The nurse practitioner, Jan E, who is working with me, was also concerned that I had not healed better, yet, from the burst bladder. She is so cute, sitting there thinking. Unfortunately she has had to do that a lot in my case, as I seem to be anomalistic. She reminds me of a cook deciding just how to spice the dish. A bit of this; a little of that – I can see here clever mind at work. And they apparently do have quite an arsenal of choices in terms of medications which try to deal with my symptoms. She assured me that they would keep trying things until something works!

A new prescription was also given for serious pain medication in the form of suppositories. I handed that in to the drug store on the way home. It is an odd medicine and they shall have to order it, so for about a week, I am still on my own in the event of a severe episode. You would think that a big store like Walgreen’s would have one of everything. But no. I asked the pharmacist to messenger over the prescription from another pharmacy, but he refused. He told me either to drive across town myself and place the prescription with a store where they carry this suppository or wait. The words, “store policy” were used. I opted to wait, since it is not easy to drive across town these days; nor is it cheap!

I remember, being an old woman of 63 and a half years now, when stores actually wanted to serve their customers. I miss that.

I returned hoping to answer some e-mail, as I had neglected it entirely over the weekend. However it was the silly season. My mouse died, quietly, in the middle of a sentence. There was no trauma. I did not drop the thing. It just flat quit working. After a telephone consultation with Roman, and no joy from his trouble-shooting, I removed the offending mouse’s USB plug-in and got the old one I was using before, from our computer storage drawer. It came apart on my way upstairs and I could not find the little rubber ball which is part of the hardware. Late this evening, Chloe found it, however, and brought it downstairs in her teeth. She loves that little ball! So my computer “mouse” becomes a cat “mouse” toy! It may be mouse heaven still to be loved when the computer function is gone!

I was now officially out of mice! I went to the office supply store and replaced the mouse. Jim was waiting with a bath when I returned, and we moved into the evening’s relaxation. Jim watched football – the Mountaineers and the Panthers – while I read. After the Gaia Meditation, with Jim offering the prayer, we came upstairs for a final snuggle before bedtime.

Jim had a coupon at the Sleep Number store, and today he gave me a “body pillow” with that coupon. I love it! What a good idea. I curled up into it as we said good night around 11 PM.