Monday, November 13, 2006


It was a quiet Sabbath for me, since I had decided to pass up singing at church in favor of staying home and resting up to do the channeling session. While the weather played rainy-day-sunny-day, I mostly rested.

I did get two items taken care of, following through with Jim’s and my talk yesterday. I sent Gary Watrous, the passive solar architect, our worksheet, filled out partially, and letting him know we have a plan for collecting the rest of the information he needs and having that ready to talk over at another meeting with him after December first.

And I sent Jeff, our L/L Research lawyer, notes on how we want to revise our lease agreement, to reflect Jim’s and my reserving a couple of lots at the very mouth of Avalon’s land, places we cannot farm in any event.

The Sunday meeting was most enjoyable. Present were Tom F, Jim McCarty, Romi and me; a small but very good group. Since no one in the circle of seeking here locally had a question, we asked one from Monica L concerning the feelings she has had about world governance and politics ever since finding out that 9-11 was a managed event.

I look forward to the transcript! I never know how a session went, as I am busy in a mechanical, focused way during a session, receiving concepts and translating them into language.

I got some invitations ready to send out to our local waifs – the people who do not have family nearby, and who might enjoy a Thanksgiving feast with us. After that, I mostly dozed and read while the gentlemen enjoyed football and conversation, a good supper, and we shared the Gaia Meditation, with me offering the closing prayer.

After Romi and Tom departed, Jim and I called his Mom and then came upstairs for a late evening snuggle before bedtime around 11 PM.