Thursday, November 16, 2006

2006-11-15 Part Two

The day was awash with rain and chilly with it. The British would call it “a bit fresh”. So after Morning Offering, Jim settled in to a day of errands and chores, having caught up his customers’ work on Monday and Tuesday by virtue of working until full dark both days. He had a real backlog of chores, and radiated happy vibes all day as he knocked out his to-do list. This is literally his first “off-season” day and he has enjoyed it thoroughly.

I did too, as we rose an hour later, officially now on off-season time. After settling Pam, who had arrived while we were still at our Morning Offering, with the financial books, I went upstairs to write the UPI article for the week. I had received a fascinating article from psychologist, Linda W-P, and also noted how patiently and moderately the Islamic officialdom had responded to the new Pope’s inflammatory remarks last month about the Muslims, I wanted to put that all together.

Jim was home for lunch, which he says will be a regular thing from now on! Now that’s good news! Being with Mick always gives me a little lift, even after all these years of working together and being one heart. His good energy never palls.

Before I came upstairs after lunch, I worked with Pam on the bookkeeping for L/L Research. She had not dealt yet with book orders and it can be a bit complex to record those transactions. Some come in with the order charged to a credit or debit card, and those donations are handled differently than cash and check donations. Instead of the check number, one records the “batch number” which the merchant service assigns to each transaction.

We got that all worked out. I was, however, very unhappy to find that although Pat S SAID he had balanced all three accounts, he had only balanced one. The L/L Research checking account still does not reconcile. Pat, shame on you! I shall have to call or write him tomorrow and see about that. The whole point of his visit was to reconcile those three accounts.

Pam is a crackerjack, once she gets the picture! I am very pleased with her work. And what a relief to have the books in good hands at last. Since Melissa left, we have been woefully short of bookkeeping expertise. Neither Dottie nor Lynn, our two previous bookkeepers, knew what they were doing, and oh my! The horror! The horror! (Excuse me, Kurtz. It is your line.) I was not all that much better, either. Thank you, Lord, for Pam!

After Pam and I finished, Gary came upstairs and helped me to switch over to the new version of, upon which web site the Camelot Journal rests. I was able to post to it successfully after the switch, and so that much, the basic part, is done. Gary will help me with the fancier details at a later time.

I napped for a while in my office chair after Gary departed, inadvertently, and then awoke and worked on editing Chapter Two of The Choice for the rest of the afternoon.

I got all but the very last of Chapter Two vetted before Jim called bath time. We greatly enjoyed the bath and some relaxation together before I went to choir rehearsal at St. Luke’s.

When I returned, Gary, Jim and I shared supper and the Gaia Meditation, with Jim offering the ending prayer. Gary reported that he has a friend back in Ohio who has just died. So Gary will have to work in and around the need to leave once again and attend the funeral. I am sure we will not suffer for his screwy schedule. Gary is always the soul of responsibility when it comes to his admin work for L/L Research. But he will be scrambling! He just got the Inbox caught up after three days away, and now he will leave tomorrow again. It will come out perfectly, I know. But the gent will be scrambling, for sure.

Jim and I said good night to Gary a bit after ten and ascended the stairs to my room for a final snuggle with the kitties before lights out at 11 PM.