Saturday, November 18, 2006


Fridays are always welcomed around here, ever since starting Jim’s Lawn Service in 2001. This created a normal “work week” for us. Prior to that, because of Jim’s steadiness of habits, we had a universal schedule as far as working hours. These days, we have weekdays like most of the rest of America and prize our weekends.

This day was a dandy, with first rain, then sun, then wind, and chilly gusts bringing down the few remaining oak leaves. The earth smelled wonderful. After Morning Offering I scooted over to Images Salon, where I got a long-overdue haircut. I also made my appointment for turning into a Christmas elf. I will tint my hair a very quiet green, dark except for my gray highlights, which should come out a lighter green. I think it will make me smile. I expect others will smile as well – it will be unusual, for sure. My kind of fun.

I was able to lunch with Mick. That was a pleasure. I came upstairs after that to explore any action we can take to alter our difficult neighbor’s driveway, which rolls right past our living room windows. We can do nothing whatever, legally speaking. He has every right to do whatever he wishes with his property except harbor vermin.

It was interesting to me to watch myself go through my responses to that news from Anchorage’s city clerk. Firstly I sat down to write a letter to the neighbors, asking them to make the change voluntarily. When Jim came home from his exhausting day playing with the leaves, I showed him the letter. He said he saw no use in sending it as we knew in advance what our neighbor’s response would be. And he is right there! The letter will not have any effect on that driveway.

For hours, however, I was still in the mood to send that letter just to get everything clearly stated. The man lied to us on this issue twice. I somehow felt it would be closure for me to state the facts of the situation clearly for all to see.

I began to get enough space on this as the evening went on to see how unskillful I was about this. Sometimes life is unfair. That – as they say – is just life. I saw how easily I had been distracted from better work this afternoon by my desire to resist what is. Psychic greeting does not have to be dramatic or obvious. Just tweaking an already existing tendency to take things too much to heart does the job just as well.

By bedtime, I had determined to burn the letter with prayers for compassion, thanksgiving and forgiveness. The letter does hold closure but only within me. I have powerful emotions about this issue, because Jim’s and my trust was betrayed. So it is good to have a ceremony of giving this over to Mother Earth.

I had bought a new mouse for my computer and spent an hour or so being completely unable to register my warranty. I tried by computer and the software on their warranty site was inactive. Clicking “register now” did nothing. So I called their customer service number, which was their other option for registering it. When I had done my stork-like finger-dance of pressing one, pressing three, pressing one, going through their menus, I was delivered to a line with presence. People were talking in the background. However no one ever talked to me. Bath time came and I had not been effective! I shall have to try tomorrow.

Mick and I had such a wonderful bath! After a prolonged whirlpool, I started to get dressed to go out, for Mick had invited me to Jack Fry’s for some jazz and a burger. Ray Johnson holds forth on piano several nights a week and it’s one of our favorite joints in a town filled with great jazz sites. However, I faced my true physical condition and changed the plans. Jim got me a lovely meal from Applebee’s and we spent a most peaceful and enjoyable evening right here at home, where I can put my hotpad across what aches and just kick back. We had the best time!

After the Gaia Meditation we came upstairs for a romantic snuggle and said good night around midnight.