Thursday, November 23, 2006


It was a glorious day, sunny and warming into the high 50s - great working weather for Jim, who was cleaning gutters and crunching leaves all day, putting more customers to bed.

After Morning Offering I took until lunchtime to write the UPI article for this week. I decided to explore some of my feelings about being ill. It was good to objectify some of that inner work I have been doing.

Pam had some questions for me and I worked with her for a while after I ate. She is sharp as a tack, but some of our account placements are not obvious and we worked to straighten that out. I continue to be thrilled with her work. Things are once again coming into the kind of good order for which Melissa was so famous around here, while we were fortunate enough to have her help.

Gary also met with me for an hour or so. He wanted to get some addresses from my Contacts list on Outlook, as he is gathering our Christmas card list for this year. That’s always a long job.

We add to our current list those people who are new to us. Each year we have an abundant harvest of new volunteers and channeling and counseling clients, and what a blessing that is! Their addresses need to be collected. Jim has new customers who need to be added in, and I personally have new friends, through church work, to greet.

All that data collection takes time. I asked Gary to get that together for us by the time we leave for our Nebraska trip, as Jim requested that we have all materials ready for assembling our cards by then, so he can do that work while visiting Mom McCarty. By the way, if you would like one of our Christmas card/calendars, please just write the L/L contact desk and Gary will add your snail mail address to the list. This means I shall need to write our Christmas letter early this year. We’ll spend our week with mom the first week in December – not so far off now!

I wrote Jean-Claude to thank him for his further encouragement of my singing project. I think he appreciates my voice as much as I appreciate his.

I had expected a call from the Hays today but it did not come in. I telephoned them, but my timing was off. However, I found that they want to discuss ways of creating funding for this book project, The Choice. I think that’s a great idea. We agreed they’d call me back when it was more convenient for them.

The whole household had a real mix-up as I tried to go to my manicure-pedicure appointment. I had no car! It turned out that Gary had taken it to get some emergency equipment Jim needed to him. My Outback, Stanley, is far better at hauling heavy things than Gary’s Escort so it is understandable that he borrowed it. I called his cell phone and he brought my car back pronto. And I had a grand and relaxing nail appointment with Tracy M, the best tech on planet Earth, I think.

After our bath, Jim and I went to enjoy a set and a half at Clifton’s, listening to Jeanette Kays and Greg Walker, with Sonny Stephens assisting on the bull fiddle. They sing the best close harmony and are always working up material that is fresh and new. They are such a delight to the ear. It was swell! We offered the Gaia Meditation on the way home and ended the evening with a James Bond movie and a good snuggle.