Tuesday, November 21, 2006


Ah, the chill of the coming sleep-season! It is delicious! No wine could be better than a breeze sharp-set with cold. Retrieving the paper is an adventure on such a morning!

After Morning Offering, Jim bundled up in many layers and went off to do chores for his customers. I worked on finishing up the details of Chapter Two having to do with verifying footnotes and putting the chapter to bed for now.

As it happened, I did not succeed. Some glitches, in the form of ghost footnotes with no content, had come to visit. I had 17 footnotes for only 14 quotations. I had no success whatever at removing the glitches, so sent the document to Ian, whose expertise is the most well-seated among all those whom I know to ask for help. I shall have another go at the chapter when he sends it back.

Jim and I shared lunch and our stretching exercises and then I did some desk-clearing in the afternoon, finally registering the warranty for my mouse, bundling up a skirt to send back to Sierra Trading Post, making new contacts in Outlook for new people and changing addresses for two old friends. I have been with earthlink for quite a few years now, and it seems satisfactory – no pop-up ads, little spam. It would appear that some of the more popular, larger sites do have those pesky ads. I’ll stick with earthlink!

I have not written the Hays, even though the Hay Fund, out of which I was paying L/L Research’s admin and bookkeeper, had run dry, because of the snail’s pace I am taking with the book for the writing of which they are freeing up my time. I am doing my level best. However, in my own estimation I am keeping too slow a pace to ask for more funds. However I got a morale-boosting surprise in the form of a telephone call, in which the Hays assured me that they would continue to donate as their own financial picture allowed.

My work ethic has me feeling guilty for not moving faster on this project, and so I told them by telephone. They assured me that I was doing OK. I cannot tell you how thankful I am for the incredible support.

I also discovered that Ian has been very busy in these last few weeks. He told me that he’d work on The Book of Days a reading at a time, maybe one a day, as he was swamped with other work right now. I figured he’d be ready to talk production sometime in 2007. However his latest note asks me to prepare the preface for the book and solicits my thoughts on the front cover! He thinks he will have the work completed and ready for book production in two to three weeks! Happy-dance time! It will be wonderful to see that sweet body of channeled work in print at last. I think it is probably some of my most eloquently nuanced channeling work ever, and I am very thankful to see it hit print. It will be a small book; a real “handbook”. And it will be mostly thanks to Morris H, our vice president at L/L Research and a real fan of that material. He has guaranteed matching funds for all other contributions towards the printing of the book. If you wish to donate, or to reserve a copy, just let Gary know by contacting him from the llresearch.org site.

Michele M had just sent me a very beautiful image she had created – it was a moment of sheer inspiration for her; she was not creating it for a project. She sent it to me simply because she thought I would enjoy seeing it. Well, I certainly did enjoy it, remembered it when Ian asked for cover art, and forwarded the image to Ian with the suggestion that perhaps this was a good image for the front cover. The image is of a very refined, slender cross of gracious proportions with a seeming source of light bursting from the crosspiece’s juncture. Its restraint and silent energy is moving to me and I think it may also be to others. So we shall see if Michele and Ian both like that idea.

If they do, I will suggest to them that the background of the image be indigo rather than full black, as that background color has been used several times for our other publications.

I had just a bit of time left before bath time, and answered e-mail, writing neighbor Calvin to thank her for a very clever Thanksgiving e-card. Various fruits and veggies rolled out and gradually formed a gorgeous turkey in full feather.

Dianne had written to confirm our lunch tomorrow, and I assured her I was very much looking forward to time with her. She’s five-feet-nothing and such a bundle of good energy I cannot express it.

Lastly, I wrote Dana Redfield, whose books on UFO contact, both fact and fiction, have helped so many people come into a fuller understanding of “whassup”. She had some difficult news. Cancer cells are still seen in her spine. Now she has had two operations to remove masses, and two rounds of chemo and radiation, one for lung cancer and the other for spleen cancer - and the only option offered her now is to have yet another round of both for the spinal cancer.

She at first was going to reject the treatment, as it is $7,000.00 per month for the regimen and she has no fortune. However, Medicaid OK’d the expense. Now she is feeling that such an unusual generosity from the government is a sign that the treatment will prolong her life enough to grant her more quality time amongst us and she will take the treatments. I feel especially close to Dana as we are both working with challenges in our catalyst, both physically and emotionally. We are encouraging each other to embrace our catalyst with acceptance and joy.

Bath time was so refreshing! We had a very quiet evening, offered the Gaia Meditation with Jim praying at the end and snuggled with the cats until lights out at 11 PM.