Friday, December 01, 2006


The day began for me at midnight and continued all night as the pre-colonoscopy preparation swirled through my system and out. I did not precisely sleep all night, although I dozed between bouts. The pace slowed enough towards dawn that I was able to dress, wash up and write my Camelot Journal article for yesterday.

At 5 AM, I had to do a repeat of the Gatorade-Osmoprep drinking, though only half as much liquid and a quarter of the pills were used. This truly set the tone for the day!

After Morning Offering, I did just a small bit of L/L Research business, letting Bill and Jean-Claude, who are behind the matching funds offer, know that we are off to a good start on donations. I also sent the transcript of our November 12th L/L Sunday channeling session to Jean-Claude. The ideas behind his proposed web site are sound and reaching back into the truth beyond temporal and worldly truth, yet reaching into the everyday to invite all seekers to join in virtual community. These themes are sounded in the channeling, which predated his telephone call by a couple of weeks, and I knew he would find it interesting.

Then, while Jim dropped off some equipment to be maintained while we are in Nebraska, I put together the documents needed for the hospital test: my prescriptions list, a copy of my living will and durable power of attorney and the directions for getting to the hospital, which is in a downtown warren of small streets which have been altered and in some cases changed completely to create the gargantuan Louisville medical campus, which includes several huge hospitals and numerous specialized medical centers.

We spent the day there, Jim and I – Jim reading the newspaper stem to stern and then dipping into the book, Overthrow, while I had my colonoscopy. As these things go, it went quite well. Nothing was ruptured and the doctor felt that the results were pretty normal. Since I have had sustained GI-tract trouble, however, he took biopsies at various places within the colon, and will look at the microscopic picture before my follow-up appointment.

I had been put to sleep for the procedure, and I remained either sleepy or completely asleep for the remainder of the day. We had a delicious supper, brought in from Applebee’s and offered the Gaia Meditation with Gary. I snoozed throughout the evening. Bedtime at 11 was a mere formality!