Monday, December 04, 2006


Jim and I had decided last night to stay in Columbia an extra day while the road crews rendered the Missouri Interstate system drivable again. Just as Jim had predicted, they were unable to clear the roads overnight. It had sleeted for some time and some inches of glare ice on the roads before the snow began, so while the snowplows did a fair job with removing excess snow, the ice remained. Traffic on the expressway, which we could see in the distance from our fifth-floor window, was stop-and-slow until about 3:30 in the afternoon, when it finally started to look more normal.

Meanwhile, Jim and I had the whole day to ourselves. We tried to remember when last that occurred. It was in 1996, our last year to go to Pawley’s Island, South Carolina, for a vacation.

We had such a good day! We had a morning nap. We had an afternoon nap. We ate well and watched three football games, not to mention part of a basketball game.

No L/L Research business whatsoever got done! However, it was a most restorative time and we loved every moment of it!