Wednesday, December 06, 2006


It was a day of unexpectedly balmy breezes and sunshine, as if Indian Summer had come to sojourn with us in Nebraska. After Morning Offering Jim began to fold our Christmas cards for Jim’s Lawn Service, L/L Research and our household and then to stuff the Christmas cards into their envelopes, putting the labels on them and stamping them. Meanwhile I wrote a better version of our Christmas letter and then fiddled for an hour or so with making its margins fit properly with our computer Christmas stationery. By lunchtime, I had it right at last.

After lunch I printed out the letters and Jim folded them into the cards and sealed them. We are now ready to mail the cards except for one thing: Jim’s concern that they are overweight, weighing in at more than one ounce. If so, our cards will need another .24 postage each. We shall check that tomorrow.

I experienced a very difficult spell and lay down flat for a part of the afternoon, taking it very easy for the rest of the day. Mom also was feeling poorly. Perhaps we picked up a little Nebraska bug! As a result, we had a very subdued evening, except for a visit from Jim’s cousin, Mom’s brother’s daughter, Shirley and her husband, Babe. Babe is a genuine and oft-used name for the Van Cura family! I had heard it used as a man’s name previously only in the story of Babe and the Blue Ox. Shirley’s Babe is the first human I ever met with that name.

Jim and I offered the Gaia Meditation rather surreptitiously as the Van Curas came right at 9 PM, but our sentiments and prayers were no less sincere for being silent. We sought our beds early, at 10 PM, hoping to feel better on the morrow.