Monday, December 11, 2006


Our first full day home dawned bright and brisk, a sunny, 50-ish day. I had been reading the mail which had arrived while we were gone, and found an article in St. Luke’s monthly newsletter which asked parishioners not to leave the church during the service, especially during the sermon. Since that is exactly when the IC bladder spasms have hit, and when I have had to leave the chancel at least twice in the last few weeks, I wrote an e-mail to my choirmistress and priest letting them know that I would have to stay home for a while as I have no control over when these spasms hit.

I am happy to say that by the end of the morning, somehow, Fr. Joe had gotten back to me with a rousing invitation to rejoin the choir and forget his article, which was written to try to keep the young people of the church from socializing outside during the sermon.

I had a luxurious morning with all the puzzles. After lunch I came upstairs to work on editing a session for Andy B and got that done just in time to take a bath and join the group for meditation.

This was our first broadcast Sunday and Romi was on hand early to test mikes and get the set-up all ready. Carmen came over early to work further on typing my poetry and songs into the computer for a digital record.

The meeting went well, with a good talk around the circle which left us with several themes to choose from. We as a group decided to ask a question about prejudice. I think the Q’uo group offered us an interesting answer and I will be interested to read the transcript.

Carmen went back to her volunteering while Romi worked with my computer, doing a special back-up he likes to run seasonally, and then we sat down to a good meal, all of which had been prepared by Gary and Valerie as a treat for Jim, who usually does half of the cooking each Saturday. Afterwards, Gary, Carmen and Romi went off to see “The Fountain” at Tinseltown Cinemas and Jim and the cats and I were alone.

We came upstairs and improved our time together by sharing romantic energy before a last snuggle with the cats and lights-out around midnight.