Tuesday, December 19, 2006


A storm rolled through early in the morning, changing the balmy weather very gently downwards to a day in the cloudy 50s. A perky black-capped chickadee greeted me as I sat down for Morning Offering, breakfasting at our birdfeeder. We are almost through with Eckhart Tolle’s book, New Earth, which we have loved, and I must write Ian to find the channeling source about which he is so enthusiastic. He says it reminds him most forcibly of our channeling, so Jim and I want to read that together next, I think.

Our kitchen was busy all day! Jim held forth until lunch time, creating side dishes to go with the entrée meats he prepared yesterday. Gary cooked side dishes also for quite a while in the late afternoon and evening. I joined in, making some brownies as well as loaves of cranberry bread and pumpkin bread.

In the morning I worked to prepare for the annual meeting, notifying board members of the need for the meeting before the end of the year and setting forth what we had so far in the way of an agenda. I also asked Gary to call Bell South and arrange for a conference call capability for that meeting.

I then worked on the snail mail, reading and enjoying, then hanging Christmas cards along the top of doorways and down their sides. I love to see the pretty cards sending us their good energy from doorways all over the house. Then it was back upstairs for some desk work. My stack of snail mail to answer is beginning to look like the “Tower of Babble”! I plan to tackle that snail mail often while all the family members are here, with their several comings and goings. It should be good living-room chair work for when I cannot get into my office without being rude.

After lunch Jim went up to Avalon to work on the access road. He shored up a washed-out place with his bundles of sticks and other storm debris which he had brought from Camelot and then had a concrete man come out to pour concrete just where it needed to go. Jim was very happy about the work they did and feels the road is now safe again. The enormously heavy winds and rain we fled as we left for Nebraska at the beginning of this month apparently started a cascade of erosion and the road failed at that spot.

I worked on e-mail in the afternoon. I wrote Steve M concerning my health, as he had offered to search the Cayce readings for solutions. I let him know all the different diets and regimens I had tried over the years, and the results – universally nil. Also, I specified the diagnosis, which is interstitial cystitis (IC), as opposed to cystitis, a very common infection of the bladder caused by bacteria. The condition I am enjoying at the moment is an inflammation in the bladder wall, with no bacterial infection involved.

Gary was inundated by my e-mails today! I was preparing to write Papa and Connie M, and both of them always hope to receive copies of our channelings. Papa also gets copies of my daily Camelot Journal entries and the UPI articles when I write him. I asked Gary to make a CD for Papa of all that, and copy out material for Connie.

I also asked Gary to write the friend of George K, a prisoner who has been a fan of the Law of One for years, who helps him. George wishes her to send us his manuscript which is entitled Highlights and Commentary on the Law of One.

Then I asked Gary to hunt up the lease between the Rueckert-McCarty’s and L/L Research for Avalon’s use by L/L, as we need to sign a new lease for 2007 during the annual meeting.

And lastly, I asked him to get together a report of all money donated so far in the matching funds campaign. We want to update the web site announcement. I am happy to say that we have collected upwards of $3,000.00 in donations so far in this campaign. We may well make our goal, which will pay Gary’s and Pam’s salaries for the next six months or so. Thanks be to God!

I wrote back and forth with Fr. Joe, finding a good time for me to make my Advent confession. We settled on Thursday morning. I feel much more ready for Christ’s Mass when I have knelt in the rough hay of my memories and regrets and come clean with all my doubts, fear and concerns. Getting real and telling the truth are platitudes these days. The soul-searching of a solid confession brings life to such platitudes, at least for me.

Jim K wrote to ask permission to send us his manuscript, and I encouraged him to do so. It contains thoughts based on our material. I also spoke with Gary about encouraging Gina J to send us her manuscript so we may read it. She wishes us to write a little review she can use for publicity. Her book, too, works with concepts from the Law of One. It is wonderful to see these various ways for people to read about these concepts springing up like flowers.

I finished editing the transcript of our December 10th session before going downstairs to the kitchen, donning my apron and joining Gary in the effort to prepare for the coming company. That finished my work day.

I was unreasonably exhausted this evening, faint and nauseated, and I kept falling into a heavy sleep which made it sheer torture to get back up and attend to little details like bathing, having dinner and offering the Gaia Meditation. These symptoms cannot all be from IC. Fortunately I will see Dr. Aboud tomorrow and I shall talk about the symptoms with her. She is an excellent diagnostician and I have every hope that she will point me towards some further testing to see where these fairly extreme symptoms are coming from.

Jim bustled about getting orders out for L/L Research. He and Gary had a conference and decided that from now on, Gary would field all the amazon.com/advantage orders, which are frequent and large orders, making up the bulk of our wholesale sales. The software on that site keeps balling up on Jim’s computer and Jim has been going quietly crazy trying to get at the orders to get them filled. Gary has much more technical savvy than either Jim or I and an experiment showed that he could work the software way better. Thank the heavens for Gary, who is most patient with us both!

I was never so glad to see my own bed! We said an early god night at about 10:30.