Wednesday, January 03, 2007


This was our last day of subjective Rueckert Christmas as we hugged our last relatives and wished them Godspeed on their way to Cincinnati to catch the train back to California. It was bittersweet to say good-bye, as we enjoyed the gathering a good deal and especially loved catching up with Carlos and Flora. It had been nine years since we last spent the holidays together. They were just barely married, with a marriage about three days old. Carlos was out of school but Florita was still slogging through a Master’s in Biology. Which is ironic, since biology placed her squarely in the mama business? She hopes to get back to a career when Naira is in school, but she feels that for a couple more years, she will be at home with her child.

I tapped away at the e-mail all day, off and on. When the day was done, I lacked only four e-mails of answering all the mail! That’s closer to caught up than I have been in months with the personal e-mail and I feel it was a good use of my Christmas break time. Here’s a partial listing:
- Ian and I wrote back and forth concerning the announcement on our home page about the matching funds campaign. He naturally would like to update it now that the deadline has passed. I asked him to wait one more day so that we can give an accurate final total of donations. Gary tells me that the total donated will rise above $7,000.00! This is an incredible outpouring of support and we are so grateful! Gary and I talked a good bit about how to thank everyone who stepped up and helped us out.
- Caught up with Dana R, who is working on her mosaics despite the difficulties she is experiencing as her cancer worsens
- Sent thanks and bon voyage to Barbara B as she heads towards South America and healing sessions with John of God.
- Wrote Rick C and his wife, Dianne P-C in separate notes responding to their most heartening New Years’ wishes.
- Wrote Larry M at UPI to tell him “I’m thinking; I’m thinking!” He wants me to choose my favorite article (or series) for my columns in 2006. They will publish it is a sampler which is nice exposure for me. I think I’ll ask my send list what their favorite column of the year is and see if there is a clear winner. When I write my articles, they are all my favorites so I am having trouble choosing.
- Wrote Ian B in Britain to thank him for his update on the British LOO Study Circle. They had a good meeting in December and plan another sweat lodge soon.
- Responded to Victoria L, from whom we have not heard for about a year. She has had computer and other woes, once again, which have kept her from being able to communicate. She is one of the best people in the world. She does not in any way deserve the incredible amount of agita which has characterized her life as long as I have known her. But she continues on with unflagging courage and joy. I was glad to be able to ask her about the tapes she was going to transcribe for us. We are trying to get all of our work up on site for people to read for free and she had three of our music tapes. I hope she can do those! She is a good musician herself and could probably finesse the actual sheet music.
- Thanked Kathy G for a sweet piece on “sisters”. Its sentiment goes along with my great affection for my girlfriends.
- Thanked Steve M for his send of a message from the Hopi Elders. It is a moving little piece of truth. You can see it at He thought I perhaps could use it in a column.
- Caught up with Judy R, thanking her for work done on the Aaron/Q’uo Dialogues and wishing her a good New Year.
- Wrote a note of thanks to Romi for all he has done for us this year – a whole lot!! Our computers constantly need his tender loving care.
- Responded to Kyleigh’s request for more information on channeling. I suggested she read my Channeling Handbook.
- Thanked two friends for recommendations of herbal drinks that might help my condition – Noni Juice and Goji Juice. Yum! I’ll look for them. One never knows what might help out.
- Thanked Tiffani M for her offer to do Q’uo searches on the archetypes in preparation for the Archetypes Gathering, which is coming up soon, saying, by all means do so! I will be interested to see what she finds.
- Caught up with Melissa T, who is going through some tough times.
- Thanked Merrilyn G for her offer to transcribe and hooked her up with Gary. This was a goofy move because they had already met on their own and she HAS been transcribing. Well, I may be goofy but I do answer my mail, no matter how old it has gotten!
- Responded to Steve H, a brilliant scientist whose takes on our material are always so fascinating. He had written to offer kind words on my article about the Middle East and Pope Benedict.
- Thanked Kath M for a very supportive letter concerning interstitial cystitis, which she has had for 30 years.
- Thanked Selcan T for a very cute video of a cat which adopted some puppies when the puppies’ mama would not nurse them.
- Asked Diana D for more information on a naturopathic doctor with whom she is attempting to put me in contact.
- Responded to Monica L’s thoughts on being a forum moderator. She is hoping this spring to put together a forum site for us, with her son’s help. I like the thought of two generations of LOO students working together to serve. Who knows if this will manifest, but it is wonderful of both her and her son to offer and try to bring it about. We have not had an L/L Research forum since we took down the old B4 site last year.

The evening was spent with Gary and Romi. Jim offered the prayer at the Gaia Meditation. We enjoyed seeing Louisville triumph over the Demon Deacons of Wake Forest. And let me correct my statement of yesterday that we watched Nebraska play Michigan. That’s wrong! This year they played Auburn, to no good success. LAST year they played Michigan in the bowl game. My apologies.

Jim worked around the house in the morning, getting his own e-mail caught up. In the afternoon he went on a round of errands and then came back and worked in the yard, taking down a couple of posts and old grape vines which are on our boundary line with the Caldwells, lovely neighbors to our north. Mrs. Caldwell is currently in a care home, and Jim is just helping both her and us to have a well=kept yard.

It is good to be back to work. Tomorrow will be my first full day of work since before Christmas! I will write in the morning for UPI. I am thinking about the archetypes! We’ll see what I find to say.