Tuesday, January 02, 2007


The first day of the year dawned gray of light and warm of weather, with a brisk wind and scudding clouds all day. We all slept in late, having stayed up late to celebrate the New Year yesterday. Jim’s home team, Nebraska, was in a bowl game during lunch, eventually beating themselves with a poorly chosen play which was then fumbled. Jim handled himself pretty well with the disappointment! He has in past years been used to Nebraska being THE best college football team in the country. Recent years have been hard on the man! However he took the loss in stride.

As my dear body was doing its usual runs to the bathroom, I decided to stay home while Jim, Carlos, Flora and Naira went up to Avalon to see the farm, after having a good lunch together. Jim needed to get some measurements there for our architect and the California Rueckerts had never seen Avalon. Jim reports that little Naira adored Avalon and especially Sugar Shack. She had never seen a wood stove before and was enchanted by it, and by everything else about our rough acres. Jim said she never stopped running during the entire two hours they spent there! Now Flora and Carlos are informed by Naira that they need to get her a kitten and a wood stove!

I did e-mail in the afternoon while they were gone. Ian was working on Bub Hill’s proposed site – Bub Hill being a channel whose work Ian really likes – and he asked me to check on his work to see if he had solved a problem which was causing the text to run off the page on the right side on my computer, which is set for the largest font size. He had indeed solved the problem.

I responded to a most heartening e-mail from Bill H, who has now read what I have done on the book so far and really likes it. I was able to tell him that not only did we meet his $5,000.00 matching funds challenge; we have exceeded it by quite a few hundred dollars! I promised him that we would have the final tally when Pam, the bookkeeper, comes this Wednesday. He promised to match all the funds, including those over the top! Later, Bill called and we had a good talk then as well.

I wrote back and forth to Ian and to Barbara Brodsky, with whom I co-channeled the Aaron/Q’uo Dialogues, working with Ian as he and Barbara try to find a way to publish those A/Q sessions on line before I have finished with the final edit of them.

Barbara is headed now to South America for her third visit with John of God. She is carrying my photos with her and will ask the entities for their help with my situation. Barbara wrote most beautifully of how healing is already there. It lacks only our acceptance of it for it to manifest. I shall continue to work on becoming more accepting! Barbara is profoundly deaf and her eyesight is also failing, so her words are hard-earned wisdom. I sent her an audio book for Christmas to express my faith that she would again hear, and she loved that, even though it is not at this time a practical present.

Paul C sent me a forward from this site: http://www.petitiononline.com/ethelp/petition.html. It is a good summary of the standard ET request for us to straighten up and fly right, and one can add one’s name to the petition. I liked the feel of the site and added my name. I hope it brings some people to their awakening.

Pupie wrote to tell me that she had been unable to get the PayPal software to work when she tried to donate matching funds. That makes three people who could not use that software now. It is too bad! We went to a good bit of trouble to add the PayPal feature to our site in order to enable people to respond to the matching funds campaign and for the most part it worked well. But how frustrating to be thwarted by the software! She also reports leaving for a visit in Sweden. Brrrrrr! I believe her husband’s people, or a few branches of that tree, dwell there.

Steve M and Morris H both wrote concerning the Board meeting and encouraging other Board members to think more about funding L/L Research in a more permanent way, and I wrote them both to thank them for the time and thought which they had put into their missives.

Dana R wrote to recommend the work of Michael Newton. She has found his work helpful as she experiences hospice and the waning of her bodily strength, as she continues to deal with cancer. As always I am inspired by her humor, faith and strength of mind. She and Barbara both carry on with their lives in the face of extreme challenges and do so with serene grace. Dana really “got” all the nuances of my attitude about adult diapers, which I have lately had the occasion not only to use but to appreciate with keen gratitude as they enable me to dare to venture forth when otherwise I would be tied to the bathroom. I do, however, wish that they would make a true size “small” adult diaper for those of us without much weight – their “small/mediums” do not fit me well. Dana got all those conflicting emotions quite accurately.

Girlfriends! Thank the Lord for my beloved girlfriends.

I caught up with Melissa T, another true sister and girlfriend, who sent me a Christmas greeting and a thank you for the gift Jim and I sent her, a glass-made kitty cat container full of bath salts. Due to her recent move and then a subsequent change of address, she said mine was her only gift to open this year. I am so doggone glad she had it! We all need a goodie to open at Christmastime.

Jean-Claude K wrote to talk more about his Transformation Portal site and then, like Bill, followed his note with a call, which went long, as Jean-Claude is such a power-house and has one great idea after another to discuss. He would like me to volunteer some time on-line on this great big web site, the Transformation Portal. I am honored to do so when the time comes and intend to lend my aid as this transpires and manifests!

He also shared with me a great article on prayer which he wrote for Sandie S’s e-zine, Planet Light Worker. It’s definitely worth a read. If you are not yet familiar with Sandie’s magazine, please do check it out, as she really does a fine job of offering interesting and useful articles. Her magazine’s address is http://www.planetlightworker.com/.

Rick C and I corresponded twice about the re-recording he is doing for us. He has now had his first booking for sound work there in Maine, to which location he has retired recently after a career of Emmy-winning proportions at Glenn Glen Sound. I am so happy for him! Retirement is very well and good, but a sound man needs to do some sound work once in a while or his ears get buggy!

I forwarded from the UPI site a couple of articles I wrote on Indigo Children to Bill H, who had requested them when he phoned. I also fielded a note from my UPI editor asking me for my favorite column this year, as the site puts out a sampler book of their columnists’ best work each year.

For the second time now, I talked briefly with Maureen Moss, whose World Puja web site is so popular and active. That address is http://www.worldpuja.org/. She would like to interview me at some point, but wished to see my books first. I got those together to send out tomorrow. The World Puja folks are the single largest metaphysical broadcasting site on the web, as far as I know.

Finally, I responded to Romi’s note about this laptop upon which I am presently tapping. Its keyboard keeps getting lost. It picks up again when I reboot, but it is losing the keyboard more and more often each day. Romi is recommending getting a new keyboard. For this I shall need to send the machine to a factory repair facility. I told him I cannot get the thing fixed until we come up with a way to get me a loaner laptop so I can keep on working!

Jim and I ended the day watching USC cream Michigan in the Rose Bowl with Carlos and his family and also with Gary, who came home late, after searching for a lost kitten all day. His girlfriend, Valerie, has a five-year-old, Ocean, who received the little white fluff-ball of tiny kitten for Christmas. Over New Year’s Eve night, it went missing and is still missing. It is a heartbreak for little Ocean if the cat is truly gone. I am afraid that in the city, if such a tiny animal got loose, its chances of survival on the street would be poor. We all have our fingers crossed that the little kitten is just hiding, scared by the move from the cage at the pound.

For our last night, we had to offer the Gaia Meditation silently, with a couple of head nods, as Carlos and Flora have no interest in prayers or meditation. Morning Offerings have also been held upstairs where we will not infringe on their way of life.

For Jim and me, 2006 was a marvelous year. Jim had a record year at Jim’s Lawn Service, which has paid our bills quite nicely this year. Meanwhile I have been able to work in my own office and get some creative work accomplished, which feels grand.

How can 2007 top that? I do not know the answer to that question, but we will have lots of fun finding out! There are two books presently in the works – the Choice 101 book and the Book of Days – which may well be published in 2007. And there are several other initiatives forming, to continue the broadcasts, to update the llresearch.org site and to begin to offer audio CDs of our sessions. And Jim and I will continue to progress on house plans for the move to Avalon. Then there are efforts to put me more on line with channeling and live chat as a part of this Transformation Portal web site that Jean-Claude K. is working to make happen. And Paul C is looking for funds for us so that we can create a good L/L Research DVD.

As always, Jim and I have only one prayer concerning work: may we, in utter love, serve the highest and best for all of Earth this year. Amen!

One last note as the New Year dawns: THANK YOU! So many of you have written to let me know you appreciate my keeping everyone up with what’s happening at L/L Research. You are our family, whoever you are, and we want to include you in all our news. Let us know how we may better serve you and love you in 2007.