Tuesday, January 09, 2007


I was up quite early and then managed to sleep again, crowding my wake-up time and running late in getting dressed and writing in this journal. Don’t you prefer to wake up slowly? When I oversleep and have to rush I am cranky!

After Morning Offering I came upstairs and edited while Jim worked in the office downstairs. Gary also worked some in the downstairs office today. Then Jim headed out to do a very fun errand – spending a Christmas gift certificate he had received from a grateful client. He stocked up on some classic rock and roll CDs to listen to on his iPod as he goes about his work.

Meanwhile, Gary and I went out to The Cheesecake Factory for a delightful lunch with Donna N, our visitor at the meditation yesterday. What a pleasure to get to know her a bit better. And what a pleasure, also, to eat that restaurant’s food again so soon. We dived into the avocado egg rolls with great brio. Yum!

In the afternoon I worked on Chapter Three of The Choice. I found a particularly apt quote from Q’uo on red ray and was tickled with that. Writing about the energy body, however, is not coming cleanly yet for me, so I spent the time writing and then deleting. I want to find the right tone in talking about energy blockages and I am not hearing it yet. I shall have another go at it tomorrow.

I spent a good bit of time in meditation and prayer this morning. When the inspiration is not there, I am not one to bull through using logic. I need to feel the back-pressure of inspiration and guidance, and as I persist, it comes. Not always right away! But I shall persevere.

After responding to some personal e-mail I went downstairs to bathe with Mick. Then Gary and Jim and I had a conference about the Archetypes Gathering. We are overbooked, which is not, on the face of it, a good thing, for we will be crowded. And although we agreed earlier that we would avoid having children at this particular gathering, as opposed to the Homecomings in general, we have collected a child, an infant not quite one year old.

I was mightily tempted to say that the couple and their baby needed not to attend this conference. If that couple does not come, we are back down to a full, but not overcrowded, house for the gathering. And there is no baby to disrupt the arcane conversation. However the people are very keen on attending, feeling that the L/L gatherings are their only chance to “go home” and Gary very much wants to accommodate them. Listening to Gary encourage us to give them a chance to come, Jim and I had the same response – that Gary deserves a chance to make some choices and learn for himself whether such apparent generosity actually works. So we said OK. In my case, with a bit of fear and trembling, but I think it is a good decision.

The rest of the evening was a blur for me, as the sleepy-stupids descended and I drifted and dozed in my Mama chair, finished a Ngaio Marsh mystery novel and worked on the New York Times Sunday puzzles, alternately, while Jim watched his alma mater’s Gators cream Ohio State’s Buckeyes in the Championship Bowl. (They are looking for a name for that bowl, and I hereby offer that name.) Sports news was big today anyway in our home town, as U of L’s football Coach Petrino announced that he was wandering off to the pros only one year after signing a 10-year contract with the Cardinals of U of L. Ah, vaunted ambition! Petrino’s salary will go from $25 million per year to $50 million per year. And of course he needs to pay the bills.

Yeah, right. A very logical decision and all for the good of his family. Uh huh.

I offered the ending prayer at the Gaia Meditation tonight. We all said a peaceful and happy good-night around 11 PM.