Monday, January 08, 2007


The new year is fleeing away! Our first Sunday comes all too soon to suit me, as I love having Jim around Camelot more, doing work for L/L Research and for the home and yard during his all too brief off season.

We had a pleasant and unusual early morning because I was unable to sleep upstairs, wakeful with cramps. I often can catch sleep if I go downstairs and bunk in with Jim, which I did around 5:00 AM, sleeping so soundly that I did not even get the Camelot Journal entry written for yesterday until the afternoon.

After our usual Sunday morning of church and cleaning house – I at church and Jim manning the vacuum – we enjoyed the leftovers from our splendid meal last night for lunch before bathing and then taking a nap. Ah, that was sweet! I felt quite a bit more like myself after that good nap. We woke to find all three kitties curled up all around our feet.

We had a guest from afar for the meeting today, Donna N. It is always such fun to meet new people who have come to the Law of One material and who appreciate it. I was especially glad to meet her because she is a hypnotherapist. Since Larry Allison passed on, I have not had a good person to whom to refer people coming to me with questions about regressive hypnosis. Now I shall be able to recommend her. She will stay in town until tomorrow in order to have a luncheon with Gary and me and also have a further discussion about the thoughts on her mind as she visits here on her sabbatical.

The question for the Q’uo today in the channeling meeting was an interesting one: what difference does our service make if we doubt it or brag to ourselves or others about it? I look forward to editing the transcript and really getting into their answer, which was long and thoughtful. Unfortunately, our broadcast on the internet went bad and the people checking in for the session must have been very disappointed, as were we. The chagrined Romi fiddled and fussed after the meeting, trying to figure out what had gone wrong. He really does not know yet! He said he would work to solve the glitch before our next channeling broadcast.

It was good to welcome Steve F to our meeting. We have not seen him for a year or so at the meetings, but he has been a fan for years.

Romi’s “love tea” was served after the channeling session and we had a good conversation before Tom F left in order to guide Donna back to her hotel on his way home. Carmen and Romi stayed for supper and more conversation. Romi offered the ending prayer at the Gaia Meditation and then Romi and Carmen departed for home. Gary, Jim and I remained in conversation quite late, Mick and I coming upstairs at 11:30 for our final snuggle.