Sunday, January 07, 2007


Saturdays are always most welcome to us workers in the world! The feeling of good and leisure time to spend is as exciting as having money for candy! Jim and I had a leisurely and late Morning Offering and breakfast and then Jim busied himself with the enormous task of taking down what we so recently put up – the Christmas décor. By lunch time, the house was clear of Noel – the tree was down and outside to be picked up, the ornaments lovingly put back into their nests and all the wreaths, candles, crèches, statues of angels and St. Nick were laid away until next winter calls them out again.

In the afternoon, Jim got up on our roof and patiently took down the many strands of Christmas lights with which we had outlined the house. When one outlines the roof features, doors and windows, the place looks like a magical gingerbread house! I felt a bittersweet pang it seeing the cheerful glow doused.

Gary was working on getting the thank you notes to all 51 donors printed out and I signed my name until all was done. We also prepared tax receipts for them all.

After lunch and stretching I came up to work on the final bits of text for the Book of Days, since we now are about ready to go to press. I believe Ian and Gary are engaged in discussion about the relative merits of various Print On Demand presses.

David L had written me some time ago to offer his help with creating an L/L forum site. I spent some time this afternoon talking with him about the hows and wherefores of that. He is a second-generation Law of One reader. His Mom, Monica L, has offered to moderate that forum. I do not want to rush into another version of the site. So we are taking this slowly.

I sent Ian a thank you note to post on our home page letting people know how the Matching Funds Campaign had gone. When the matching check comes in, we will have $11044.50 in the L/L coffers with which to pay staff fees. That will take us almost to next August! What an incredible help!

Other e-mail to personal friends and some time at the desk with snail mail rounded out my work day. Jim and I had to hustle through our baths as we had a date to treat Gary and his girlfriend to a nice dinner in order to thank him for all his stellar aid to us both and to L/L Research during the last year. It was a splendid supper! Gary went on to stay the night with Valerie while Jim and I came home, offered the Gaia Meditation together and snuggled in with the cats and football games on the tube until bedtime.