Monday, January 15, 2007


The Sabbath was dripping wet and warm all day, a gray backdrop to an otherwise cheerful day. Jim spent the morning cleaning while I attended a meeting for those helping with an upcoming diocesan convention at St. Luke’s, then went to choir practice and then sang the service.

I dropped by a fast food emporium o the way home and brought back lunch for Jim and me, after which I came upstairs and wrote the Camelot Journal entry for yesterday, something I had been unable to do earlier because of a wonderfully late awakening. I awoke, for the first time in years, after 8:30! Jim called bath time as I finished that, and then it was time for the public meeting.

Carmen had arrived just after lunch to put in some volunteer time on her poetry typing. She is entering my huge lifetime output of poems and songs. It will be great to have that available for future editing. Romi also came a bit early as he had wanted to see what new parts the computer people had sent us for my laptop. The keyboard needs replacement. Nothing had yet arrived. Talking to Gary later in the day, we found that no notice of the order having been received by the vendor had been sent to us. Romi will need to start the process over again. Meanwhile my laptop is doing fairly well, losing the keyboard only once or twice a day, which is better than it was doing for a while last year.

We had a splendid talk around the circle and a silent meditation. I do love group meditations especially when they are silent. Carmen and Romi made the Love tea and we sat and conversed until dinner time. Romi departed before dinner, but Carmen stayed and we enjoyed a good conversation. I also greatly enjoyed the New York Times Sunday puzzle, which Romi had brought me.

After dinner Gary, Carmen and I read for a good while, while Jim watched football. It was good to see the Bearsssss (in honor of Dan Ackroyd’s character on SNL) win. All the games of which I saw part were good ones, an active offense and a tight run. Jim was a happy man!

Gary had gotten a video and Carmen, Gary, Jim and I watched “Word Play” together before offering the Gaia Meditation, with Gary offering the ending prayer. We said good night to Carmen and Gary at 10 PM and snuggled with the kitties until our own lights out at midnight.