Sunday, January 14, 2007


What a gray Saturday we had! It is quite warm, still, but shower after shower dogged the day and I was quite pleased to be indoors, although Jim and I did walk about the yard a bit before it got too wet, just enjoying the fresh new growth. Our daffodils are up about three inches of stem into the new world and the first Lenten rose has bloomed already! Our plants are behaving as if it were about six weeks ahead of the actual date. Global warming has definitely come to Kentucky.

Jim’s new bench is capacious enough for a couple plus their lunch! I enjoyed the way it changes the side yard. Previously, that little bit of our acre was rather down-pin, with a pile of rocks beside the maintenance area for Jim’s mowers. Now it looks spic and span. Jim’s work area is always kept very clean and tidy, so the side yard is much redeemed.

Gary had done a handsome job of getting the questions which Terry H has been sending us in past weeks while working on his translation into Chinese of Book IV into a form from which I could quickly see Terry’s concerns and respond. There were eleven different e-mails involved, each one covering between one and four questions. I reviewed them and then had Gary set me up with a tape recorder so I could answer. It took me until lunch to answer each one. I am no final authority, but am probably a better helper for translation questions than most.

I felt it was a good use of my time, as to have a Chinese translation of The Law of One is an incredible asset. I have always thought that if we could interest an Oriental publisher in TLOO, we would have a much better chance of being read and accepted there than in this part of the world, because in the East there is an almost universal belief in reincarnation. Reincarnation is a staple in the Confederation pantry of concepts describing the spiritual environment and many Westerners cannot accept that. So it is not ever going to be mainstream here.

After lunch Jim and I sat down and had a long and serious talk about plans for Avalon. We decided to embark on the surveying and paperwork needed to subdivide a personal house site for Jim, Garry and me within Avalon, not the one chosen before but a new one. While we have no present plans to re-open community on Avalon, it is well to have the legal underpinnings in place so that if the occasion arises, all will be in order.

With that decided I came upstairs and generated some of my part of the next round of activity in planning our house-to-be, which is a description of the Library in our Avalon house. It was fun to dream a little as I wrote down what I hoped to see in that room. I am probably dreaming too big a dream, as each square foot of space costs money and I envision a quite large Library as being desirable. It would never be used for anything except spiritually oriented purposes like study of our Library materials, private meditations, meditation meetings and Gatherings. We do not have that separate room that holds a specifically sacred space here at Camelot and things get crowded when we gather in any numbers.

I also wrote to our Avalon lawyer, Jeff P, letting him know of Jim’s and my latest talk. He stands ready to help us with the paperwork involved in getting Avalon subdivided.

Then I decided to go with the winner of the poll taken by readers of my UPI articles – I was looking for one “best” column to send in for inclusion in the UPI sampler for 2006. The column that took the most votes was “Let Your Lights Appear”. It was a tough choice for me to make. I was quite tempted to submit the three-part series on Indigo Children, for instance. An a reader had suggested the last in my chakra body series as a personal best for the year, as she felt that I covered a lot of good material well and succinctly. Both of those other suggestions seemed to me to be just about as good. I may even change my mind and send in one or the other of those other choices before the week is out.

Bath time came all too soon! There is something about taking a bath at the end of the work day which creates in me the tendency to go right to sleep afterwards, whereas before I am relatively perky! So in a way I like to bathe late and get as much work done beforehand as I can. But today it was an early bath, as Jim had worn himself out doing chores and was bone-weary. Naturally, we ended up snoozing from then until suppertime.

Gary was home for our meal together, and for the Gaia Meditation, at which I offered the ending prayer. Jim cleaned the kitchen while I finished a Ngaio Marsh mystery novel, and we had our bedtime snuggle, saying good night at midnight.