Friday, January 12, 2007


After Morning Offering I pitched into the rather Baroque extravagance of snail mail on my desk. I got things organized, at least, and started on the mail. I gave that an hour and then edited the rest of Will Z’s channeling session before lunch. It was an interesting session as Will had asked a good bit about indigo children and also about the creative process. I really enjoyed the Q’uo’s take on the interaction of consciousness and mind, since that is what I am working with in The Choice right now.

Jim worked further at the Hogue House before joining me for a good lunch and our stretching routine. Then he worked outside to finish his stone project, settling the very large stone upon its pillars to make a generous seat for two or three people in the side yard where they can relax and enjoy the day. Jim has now created nine stone seats at various places throughout our yard where people can sit and enjoy the peace. That is not counting room for about six in the meditation hut and four or so in the arbor.

In addition to creating a handsome garden seat, Jim’s work cleans up the remaining inventory of stone which I have been weeding around for a couple of years. It is good to see the area spiffy!

I spent the afternoon working on Chapter Three. I wrote further on the subject of mind and consciousness, feeling at last as though I am getting into a good flow with this subject. It could well be that this is a chapter unto itself, with the specific chakras treated separately in the next chapter. The material is a bit dense since the topic is consciousness itself. In a book intending to give the reader “the bullet” on the Confederation teachings, however, this material needs to be front and center. I can see it working out well now. I shall leave this chapter short. The next chapter, on the chakras, will be a long one, but much easier to understand and enjoy, once I get the preliminary writing on mind and consciousness done.

At the end of the afternoon I went back through Chapter Three with an editor’s eye, cleaning up loose prose and snugging up my footnotes. It is wonderful what resources are on the internet. I wanted to give credit to the lyrics to Lacey J. Dalton’s “Standin’ Knee-Deep”, a phrase of which I had quoted in the text and, by golly, there it was, smiling up at me after a simple Google search.

Dalton’s work is wonderful. She sent us the CD on which this song is included because a couple of the songs had been inspired by A Wanderer’s Handbook.

Gary joined us after our bath for supper and the Gaia Meditation, at which he offered the closing prayer. Jim and I ended the day with a snuggle around 11 PM.