Wednesday, January 17, 2007


We woke this morning to a deep freeze, with hard frost on the ground and a mailbox so cold I had to pummel it in order to open it to put in the mail I had generated yesterday. Then there was more pounding to free the mailbox’s flag. I came in with cold hands and a very chilly paper to read! And the thought: Romi will be so happy!!

After a good Morning Offering I came upstairs to work on the snail mail again. By lunchtime the mail was sorted. I spent a good half hour at the end of the morning just filing items in the downstairs office that had come in to my Inbox, things Gary was not sure how to handle. The result of a solid morning’s work was a cleared desk. However, a huge pile of now-organized mail awaits my response, plus all the thank-you notes from Christmas are yet to do. Ah well – progress has been made, anyway.

Jim and I had a good lunch and stretched before I plunged back into Chapter Three. I wanted to verify the footnotes before putting the chapter to bed and it is a good thing I did! In the extensive rewriting and shifting about I had done yesterday I had somehow mislaid an entire quotation which I definitely wished to use. This caused me to re-read the whole chapter. I did some re-formatting and replaced the missing quotation.

I believe the chapter is truly finished now! I sent that off to Steve M for his comments and turned to the beginnings of Chapter Four. I got about a page and a half into the narrative on the red-ray energy center.

Meanwhile Jim, my best critic, has now read the semi-final version of the chapter I gave him last night and he really liked it. That’s great news.

At the end of the afternoon I did some e-mail, writing a report to Rick C on our tape-to-CD remastering project. I am chagrined indeed to find that we have mislaid some of his work. Fortunately it is digital, and he can simply make us another copy of what we are missing, but what awful thoughtlessness on my part to have lost that material. I can certainly see how it happened, as my desk was literally awash with all kinds of things during the Christmas holidays. The material that is missing no doubt became a cat toy or fell into my wastebasket.

I read Barbara B’s entries in her South American Journal. She is having a good visit with John of God. She let me know that the entities there, to whom I had sent my photo at her request, were working on me. Of that I was already aware, as I have felt their presence during moments of prayer for several days now.

Barbara’s ears are still deaf, but she has all kinds of physical effects occurring so we shall see what time brings. I believe it entirely possible for miracles to happen, to her, to me and to us all.

I then investigated the UPI situation. Sure enough, for the last two weeks, they have not posted my column. Gary tipped me off to that, as he is responsible for the sends to our reader send list. I wrote them to ask whassup! I need to know in terms of writing tomorrow. I imagine they will tell me to lay off on writing new columns for a couple of weeks while they post what I have already sent them. I do wonder how they lost me two weeks in a row.

Monica L wants to have a telephone chat on the subject of creating an L/L Research forum site, and I wrote to let her know when I would be available tomorrow.

And lastly, I took a moment to write Aaron T, who is volunteering her time transcribing my taped letters from that period where I could not sit up in the late ‘80s and early ‘90s. Those tapes are rich in material about spiritual seeking since on tape I can ramble on more easily than when I am constrained by the typing process and my slow fingers. Hopefully the material covered in those letters to seekers of that period will be of use to seekers now going on the web site. Aaron was looking for reassurance that she was doing her job well, and truly she is, so it was an easy letter to write!

Then I dashed up to the village of Middletown to get a manicure, as tomorrow I will be serving at a church tea and wished to be more carefully groomed than usual. In years past a weekly manicure was part of my routine and I loved that. When looking for ways to save money a few years ago, I found the routine easy to give up. However for special occasions I do love my “do”. I took along the pearls Morris H gave me this Christmas so we could match the subtle coloration, as I will wear the pearls with my outfit tomorrow evening. It is good to be groomed!

I came home to find Gary in residence and we all had a good supper before Gary headed out to spend time with his girlfriend, Valerie. Gary also gave me my Christmas present, which he had not given me at Christmas because he was not here. It is a gift certificate to The Cheesecake Factory restaurant. I will greatly enjoy treating my dear husband to a special night thanks to Gary!

This was a sleepy-stupid night for me. I gave in to that pervasive state of mind and slept soundly in my Mama chair until the Gaia Meditation. Fortunately I awoke at just the right time! I then read in a Nora Roberts book about magic while Jim juggled and we let some Steve Earle music enliven us with his Revolution Starts Now CD. About 10 PM we went upstairs for our bedtime snuggle with the kitties, saying good night around 11 PM.