Wednesday, January 17, 2007


Note it down! I slept through the time allotted for writing this Journal this morning! What a wonderful experience. I was perky when I finally did awaken completely and had a good morning, after Morning Offering, working to investigate the drifts of mail on my desk. I got about halfway through the mass of mail. We received many beautiful Christmas cards quite late this season, and I have now decorated my office with them. It makes me smile to see them. I especially loved Papa’s homemade card.

A good many prisoners send us cards. It is humbling and strengthening as well to realize that for a lot of prisoners, our little newsletters and volunteers’ snail mail letters on L/L Research’s behalf constitute a large part of their support system. We hear about that at Christmas. One incarcerated soul noted that our friendship now goes back 20 years,

After lunch, I worked my way through Chapter Three of The Choice 101 again, looking at the material with a new eye as I know now that I want this to be a chapter unto itself. I found a good deal more to say to introduce the subject of mind and consciousness, with a new quote as well, which added material I think slows down the narrative to the baby step approach where people can really follow. It needed that! I was going too fast, too much in love with the subject to think about where the average person is coming from on that subject.

It is not easy for anyone to think about the mind. Our “science” of psychology gives us various approaches to the subject of the mind which are interesting but they are not good models for spiritual seeking. We do not even have good words for various aspects of mind in our language, except psychological terms which are very limiting.

Yet if people are going to be able to use the information about the chakras in the next chapter, they need to understand the Confederation information about the way their minds work. I was satisfied by the end of the afternoon that the chapter was well completed.

Jim and I bathed and watched Amy Goodman and then visited the local crafts store, picking up some needles and yarn for my use. My matron of honor’s daughter, Kori K-D, is with child and I want to knit a baby blanket for her layette. Jim and I came home and put some good music on the stereo and Jim danced and juggled while I knitted. We love Robbie Robertson’s music for Native Americans and so enjoyed listening to that.

As to knitting – my knit-and-purl muscles were creaky indeed! Talk about feeling sheepish! I cast on OK, after not touching knitting needles for almost 25 years, and then found that I had forgotten how to knit the second row. I had to put the project away.

Jim and I shared supper and the Gaia Meditation with Gary and during the meditation, the secret of continuing to knit came back to me. You turn the knitting around when a row is finished so you are always knitting left needle to right needle. I felt like such a goofball, but most thankful for spirit’s boost!

So I spent the rest of the evening knitting a few first rows of the blanket. It is an interesting yarn, sort of a chenille with slubs of heathered colors mixed in. it is entirely washable and I thought it would feel soft for the baby. The basic color is sort of blue-green, with earth-tone slubs. It is knitting up very pretty

Jim and I had a lovely snuggle with the kitties after we came upstairs and said good night around 11 PM.