Friday, January 26, 2007


The wan sunshine looked so good today as we braved the first real icebox weather of this season. Snow spat past during the morning hours, but did not stick. After Morning Offering Jim went back to St. Luke’s to work on clearing their very large fallen tree while I worked on writing a new Introduction for the Book of Days to replace the one I had made into an Appendix yesterday.

We took some time off in the afternoon in order to enjoy Gary’s Christmas gift, which was a gift certificate to The Cheesecake Factory. We had a leisurely, lovely meal featuring my absolute favorite item from their menu, avocado egg rolls and Jim’s favorite, caramel apple pie a la mode.

Jim then took off for Avalon to haul the limbs he cannot use for firewood up to Avalon, where he is using them for erosions control along our access road. Meanwhile I completed work on the new Introduction, using the suggestions Jim had offered and sending that off to Ian. I believe this now completes my text work on that book.

I settled into my chair to pray and ask for Holly’s help (I call the Holy Spirit Holly) in tackling the large subject of the red-ray energy center, moving on in Chapter Four of The Choice 101, and fell fast asleep. Mick said later that Holly answered my prayers, choosing my deepest desire – rest! That could have been true. I woke up exhausted today. The nap felt wonderful but I regretted that the afternoon work time was lost.

We spent a very quiet evening, enjoying Democracy Now and our evening meal with Gary and then saying good bye to him as he went to his girlfriend’s for the night. After the Gaia Meditation we came upstairs and ended the evening snuggling with the cats.