Wednesday, January 24, 2007


I felt so much better today! What a blessing to have a clear head again. Yesterday I was very muzzy, and I missed me! Whatever that was, it has departed the fix outbound, thank the Lord.

After Morning Offering Jim tackled the basement corner where we keep paints and tools and bits and pieces for construction and repair. I came upstairs to check through my Inbox and make absolutely sure I had edited all the L/L Research channelings there. I have a vague sense that I have missed at least one, so I wrote Gary to that effect and he shall check for me in his records, as he sends me the raw transcripts.

I was delighted and surprised to find that he had already transcribed the session from Sunday, so I worked on that during the morning and was able to finish editing it before lunch. I sent it off to Ian.

Jim surfaced from his subterranean labors and we had a good lunch and stretching exercise before he headed back to the depths. I used the afternoon to rework the beginning of Chapter Four for, oh, maybe the sixth time, but this time I did not go back behind myself deleting, having found the flow I was seeking. What a blessing when things start to flow and resonate.

I spent a good half hour, however, hunting for an elusive footnote, grinning like a fool when I found it at last. I wanted to use words from a hymn called “Fight the Good Fight” but I was quoting from the second verse, which begins “Run the straight race” and was hunting under that as a first line, which did not work! Finally I sat down with the hymnal and paged through it. I struck lyrics on page 560. Eureka!Gary is working on the curriculum for the Gathering, and I sent him the column which he has not yet seen as it is not due until tomorrow on the archetypes to go with the one he already has. He will include them in the packet.

Gary and I also chatted back and forth about creating an Avalon Journal blog. We have the older entries from that Journal archived on llresearch, but I would like now to resume making entries, as Jim and I visit the land often and plan new things there. Gary was keen on the idea and agreed to create the blog itself as he has the time.

After a most refreshing whirlpool and bath, Jim, Gary and I sat down with Romi, who had come over to visit, for a meeting on the curriculum for the Archetypes Gathering. We talked for a couple of hours and changed things around a good bit. I think it is coming together well. We will have another round of discussion when Gary consolidates the harvest of tonight’s meeting.

In between things, I knitted on the baby blanket and Jim did some juggling while we listened to Bonnie Raitt’s new album – well, new to us! As always I am in love with her sensibility and musicianship, as well as her ability to create a funky, easy atmosphere with that slide guitar. Clever lady! We also enjoyed Amy Goodman’s show this evening, as she interviewed several knowledgeable people concerning the actual state of the war in Iraq. I do wish the administration would tune in and make use of her good information!

We had a delicious supper together before the Gaia Meditation. I offered the closing prayer.

We ended the day fairly early, as snow is predicted and Jim will need to visit St. Luke’s quite early and clear away for the pre-school and staff.