Sunday, January 28, 2007


Saturdays are always delightful, with some leisure time built in to the day. Today, after Morning Offering, Jim went to Avalon to place the latest limbs from St. Luke's downed tree on our ravine sides to halt erosion along the access road and came back with some fast food for lunch which we enjoyed before stretching.

I spent the morning editing the second part of the third bunch of Aaron/Q;uo channelings. there are nine bunches of channeling sessions, representing the nine weekends we spent together co-channeling. it is good to be 1/3 of the way through that editing.

While Jim went back over to the fallen tree at St. Luke's to do more cutting and start to create firewood, i worked further on the Red Ray portion of Chapter Four of The Choice 101. i am still finding my way, but feel better than i did about the flow.

i was troubled today with chest pain. My heart pills have run out, as it has been a long time since i experienced this type of pain. i shall need to get more nitro pills and see if they make a difference. The pain increases when i try to use my left arm and causes shooting pains to go down my left arm all the way to the little finger, which cannot be a good thing, physically speaking.

It's too bad that this is occurring on the weekend. it is difficult to get things checked out on a weekend. i may rest tomorrow - we are having a silent meditation, so i can really rest up if i skip church. Then if the problem persists, i will seek medical attention on Monday.

Jim was the best of company at bath time and thereafter as we rested and talked about the gathering to come, the arrangements we have made and the things we still need to do. Gary and I also talked t length during the late morning and early afternoon about the upcoming Gathering, and our cirriculum is now set. Gary's done a great job oconsolidating our previous discussion.

Gary pointed out that although i talked with Steve T at the Homecoming last Labor Day about his giving a presentation at the upcoming Archetypes Gatheirng on his wonderful book on the Ra archetypes of the mind, titled A Fool's Phenomenology, I have not confirmed that he will speak. I sent him a heads-up on that by e-mail.

After a late supper and a romantic and riveting tryst with my incredibly and gloriously amorous husband, Jim and I came downstairs to offer the Gaia Meditation and then toddle off to a snuggle with the cats and an erly bedtime, as i was feeling poorly.