Saturday, January 27, 2007


It was a day sparkling with sunshine and frost and after Morning Offering Jim drove up to Avalon to place more branches from the big tree he is dismantling for St. Luke’s along the erosive portion of Avalon’s access road. He also did some housekeeping in Sugar Shack, making up our beds so that we can stay overnight there and stocking the firewood and kindling by the Shack’s wood stove. We are most fortunate that our volunteers worked so hard to shore up Sugar Shack’s foundation, repaint the roof and insulate the walls during their stay there. It is a much improved building for their loving labors.

I went through another ton of snail mail and then settled in to edit an Aaron/Q’uo session, the first of two in the third batch of nine which comprise the Aaron/Q’uo Dialogues. It was tough to edit because of Aaron’s constant usage of imaginary quotes. Rather than say “You need have no fear that you are separated from your source of comfort,” he will phrase it, “You need have no fear, ‘I am separated from my source of comfort.’ “ The difference when read is slight, but the punctuation is tricky.

As always I was struck by the excellence and magical quality of this material. I have heard several times from Barbara, the channel for Aaron, as she sojourns in South America with John of God, getting psychic surgery on her eye and ears, as well as various other parts of her body which have the need for healing. She was able to hear two claps of thunder this week and is very excited to hear for the first time in many years. I know she will be glad, as well, that this editing is coming along.

Meanwhile, Ian has placed all of the Aaron/Q’uo sessions up on our site, with the caveat that they have not yet been edited by me, where that applies. So people can now use that material, even before we get the printed book ready.

After lunch I worked more with the beginnings of Chapter Four of The Choice 101, changing the first portion around again and then working through the section on the red-ray chakra. I liked what I had done by end of day but will work it through again with a fresh eye once more before calling it finished.

I spent the last half-hour or so of my work day looking for just the right quote on despair. The thing people usually miss about red ray is that it is the seat of our survival instincts. The feeling of despair and hopelessness is a real energy constrictor and is responsible for more blockage in red ray than sexuality by far, in my opinion.

Jim spent the latter portion of his work day back at St. Luke’s, loading the trailer with yet another stack of limbs for use in erosion control along our access road. He says that he is almost ready now to start cutting on the big branches and huge trunk, to take the firewood from this felled tree. It is excellent firewood, since the tree died a natural death some years ago and only was blown down recently in a windstorm. Consequently, the wood is already seasoned and ready to use.

I had been exhausted all day and gratefully sank into slumber after Jim’s and my bath, surfacing to have dinner, share the Gaia Meditation and do some knitting before coming upstairs for a bedtime snuggle with the kitties. We said a most fond good night around midnight.