Wednesday, January 31, 2007


The cold snap continues! I awoke still feeling vastly uncomfortable from the chest pain. I had faxed Dr. A. my condition last evening and we discussed what to do next this morning on the telephone. She wished to try some pain-plus-anti-inflammatory pills for relief while the flare-up subsides, so I have yet another pill to enjoy taking!

I felt that it would be best if I focused on non-creative work today, as my mind felt distracted and foggy, so I responded to 37 e-mails throughout the day, emptying my Inbox on Outlook. I caught up with old friends, signed petitions, did some business on L/L Research’s behalf and on Jim’s and my own hook concerning Avalon, and enjoyed a very quiet day snuggling up with my hotpad’s blessed warmth. I have a long one so I can ease both my abdomen and my shoulder.

Gary caught me mid-day with some questions from Terry Hsu, who recently sent us a cop of his Chinese translation of Book IV of The Law of One. His accomplishment is quite impressive, as he has translated Book I through IV now. Gary and I sat down together with Terry’s questions in hand and he took notes as I replied so that he could write Terry with my responses. Gary was hard at work today, all day, at the L/L Research admin helm, emptying that ever-overflowing repository of good energy coming in to L/L.

Jim and I lunched and stretched together before he took what he thought was the last load of firewood up to Avalon, got the DR Bush Mower out and mowed around the area which was Vara’s garden and which was chock full of tire-eating metal before Mick policed the area the other day.

He says things at Avalon are just about back to being tidy and clean, something we have not seen there for a while. As each volunteer left, they simply left behind those items they did not want, and unfortunately none of the volunteers had ever been keen on removing garbage from the farm, so Jim has been taking loads of debris to the Trimble County dump as he cleans up areas.

Jim came back to find, in a telephone message, that he was NOT through at St. Luke’s with that tree. Jim had cut up and hauled away the wood to what he thought was their property line. However, he was mistaken. So he will have more wood cutting to do before this job is done. The very thick old trunk is what remains, so it will be hard work.

After our bath, Jim and I watched Democracy Now which had more footage of the anti-war rally in Washington, DC, which riveted me and made me think about the word, dignity. I think there’s a column there for my UPI writings.

Romi visited in the evening and we watched an episode of House together before the Gaia Meditation. Romi also did some clean-up and back-up on Traveller, my laptop up in this office. Jim and I said good night to Gary and Romi, who were still conversing, and I went to bed early, hoping to give my body the extra rest it needs to get over this very inconvenient flare-up.