Thursday, February 01, 2007


January fled away today, shaking her cold skirts behind her. I wore my flannel-lined jeans and felt toasty and cozy, inside the house. After Morning Offering I came upstairs to edit. By lunchtime I had finished another Aaron/Q’uo session.

Jim was a busy bee all morning, cleaning the upper shelves of our kitchen, living room and office where we keep my old heirlooms – pitchers, platters and all manner of other china and crystal. All the sets are broken up, but I love having my family’s treasures displayed. And we do get the good china down occasionally just for fun. By lunchtime he had refreshed all of those items and scrubbed the shelves before replacing them. He is having trouble getting the silver pieces shined up, so will look for a better polish.

Gary was at the admin desk off and on all day, plus doing the grocery shopping for the Gathering. He has labeled many items in our refrigerators so our attendees can find what they want. Between Jim and Gary, they have seen to every detail and except for finishing up on the cooking and getting the chakra drawings hung along the stair well, we are ready for the Archetypes Gathering.

Thoughtful Pupi and Peter sent some teas for the gathering! What a lovely gesture. We shall make good use of them, as several f the company, notably Romi, love tea, shunning coffee entirely.

After lunch and stretching with Mick, I worked on the red ray section of Chapter Four of The Choice 101. It’s not quite there yet but it is coming. I also rejoiced to find a good quote on despair, which I have been hunting for a couple of days now. I will need that for the upcoming section, still on red ray but moving from sexuality issues to survival issues.

I took Dr. A’s medication for the chest pain and indeed it quieted the pain. However it seems that I am allergic to it. Back to square one on that. I still feel poorly and decided to skip choir practice. Although we were scheduled for a jazz night, I asked Mick if he would mind our staying home. He got some take-out at Applebee’s and a DVD, The Sentinel, a Michael Douglas spy movie, and we snuggled up together and had a good meal right here at home.

Gary joined us for the Gaia Meditation and offered the closing prayer. The energy in the room was delightful. Both Jim and Gary could look around and see the results of their labors. The house is aglow with cleanliness and order and they had every right to feel satisfied. It feels very magical now.

We sought our beds fairly early, saying good night around 10:30 after a good snuggle with the kitties.