Saturday, February 03, 2007


Jim and I got up a bit early to get breakfast items out and put on the coffee pots and hot water for tea. Then we sat down for our Morning Offering, attracting about half of the attendees.

The morning was spent working through the material on the Matrix and the Significator of the Mind archetypes. We are not being at all quick in moving through this material, but the discussion is rich and the community feeling is wonderful. People are really listening to each other and I for one am gaining some insights which before were not mine.

After a good lunch of our homemade turkey vegetable soup, salads and sandwiches or wraps, plus fudge brownies for dessert, we tackled the Catalyst and the Experience of the Mind archetypes and there we worked the entire afternoon until six o’clock, except for a couple of breaks. We are totally off schedule now, but as far as I am concerned this means that we are really focusing well on our material.

Steve T presented a thoughtful lecture-cum-discussion from 6 to 7:30 and then we were of to Hometown Buffet, pulling tables together so we could all enjoy each other’s company during dinner. We like to take gatherings there because they have a wide variety of vegan food as well as the usual southern-fried country cooking endemic to these parts of the world.

I was just exhausted and after the Gaia Meditation, which we offered directly upon our return home, I went straight to bed. Jim and I snuggled for a while, but he was not even able to finish our bedtime routine, as I fell asleep on him! One thing for sure is that our weekend study gatherings have real substance. Thinking and musing intuitively on the archetypes is dense, tough work. And so worth it!

Unfortunately, Tobey’s leg continues to be enflamed. We got a whirlpool for him after supper last night and hopefully that helped some. He is such a good sport, using my crutches from last winter’s ankle break and getting around just fine, and not a peep of complaint from him, although it is clear he is suffering greatly.

This is a great group of people. I am so glad to be a part of this weekend.