Wednesday, February 07, 2007


It was a cold, cold day and I was glad of my leg warmers as I came upstairs after Morning Offering to work on editing the Aaron/Q’uo Dialogues. I am about halfway through the fourth of nine weekend gatherings’ worth of material. I took some time to send Barbara and Aaron a selection from a session I just edited, a long story which I thought Aaron might find some use in shortening. I could edit it down myself but it is Aaron’s work and Barbara’s channeling, so I will let them see what they think.

And I wrote Judy R, encouraging her to send me the editing comments which I have not yet seen, so that she and I can complete our patterns together with every thread straight. Judy’s patience and care with this material is absolutely outstanding.

I told her that I was interested in her continuing to get better at pre-editing me not just for the A/Q project but also for another one. It is a project which has hung fire for six years, but I have not forgotten about it – just been unable to get to it. It is the unabridged version of A Wanderer’s Handbook, which I have intended all along to place on site in its unabridged form. This edition adds about half again as much material as resides in the printed version. It is the book I originally wrote, which Jim cut down for me in 2001. If Judy will take up this project, then all my older editing jobs will be on track.

The Book of Days is all done except for choosing a printer, in which issue Gary and Ian are now knee-deep. Carmen has my poetry all entered in digital form – the second older work. She will tackle the regularization of formatting my Prayer Group writings next – a third older work. I am presently working on A/Q in my morning editing/bathroom juggle – a fourth older project. So getting a start on pre-editing the unabridged Wanderer’s Handbook – the fifth old project, and a large one indeed - will mean that all of the older creative projects which I have had stacked up for years are now being addressed. It is a good feeling.

OK, let’s get real! It is a humongously grand, extremely swell feeling! While it is central for me to create this Living the Law of One series now, I also care about these older children of mine and would like to see them leave home and make their own way in the world of service to others.

After a most pleasant lunch with Mick and a stretching routine, Jim set out to work outdoors, sharpening his last set of blades and making a bid on another fallen tree in one of his customers’ yards, while I worked further with the red-ray section of Chapter Four of The Choice 101. I have not got it right yet.

The UPI site finally published my last column over the weekend, so I shall need to write a new article tomorrow for this week’s deadline. It is too bad that UPI got so badly confused about the articles – it took them four weeks to publish the two articles on the archetypes! I shall hope for uneventful times from now on.

My energies have continued to be extremely low today, and I napped through part of the morning as well as in the early evening, after our whirlpool, awakening to enjoy a light supper (thank heavens for Boost!) and offer the Gaia Meditation.

Gary was at the admin helm all afternoon, catching up on the massive e-mail load there after finishing his cleaning of the guest rooms and putting new sheets on those beds. It is good to have the house coming together again after last weekend’s gathering.

We heard from Tobey that he made it home, bum knee and all!