Thursday, February 08, 2007


A skiff of snow was on the ground as I got the paper this morning and the metal piece which one uses to pull the mailbox open came off in my hand, frozen and brittle. I think it is time for a new mailbox. Gee, we’ve only used this one for 23 years. They just don’t make them like they usedta.

Jim had a “putter-morning”, polishing the rest of the family silver, which is genuinely old and very hard to clean up, and doing numerous other chores and errands around the house. Meanwhile I worked all morning on the UPI article. I chose to write on dignity this week, as several people have impressed me recently with their solid ethical actions is the face of much resistance. I think I will revisit the subject next week, going deeper with it.

Mick and I had a good lunch together and a stretch, and then he went outside – he has discovered a leak in our smaller pond, not important now as everything is frozen but very important when it warms up. He is attempting to find it and fix it. Meanwhile I worked on Chapter Four in The Choice 101. By the end of the afternoon the chapter had a new beginning and I think the work is a good improvement although now I need to rework the rest of that chapter, which is nine pages of material so far.

After our bath, Jim and I had a talk about how poorly I have been feeling lately. He feels that the gathering wore me down to a somewhat dangerous level and asked me to take a couple of days off, tomorrow and the next day. It makes sense and I will do it. Happily, Jim will join me and we will have a two-day vacation here at home, watching videos and napping. I look forward to the rest and to feeling better.

Gary spent a busy day at the admin desk, arranging with a lady who hails from Switzerland to come visit here soon and talking with a young man of 22 years who claims to be able to do miracles. He wishes to come here and heal me. That will be approximately the 25th person who has tried to do so. He is welcome to give it a go!

My understanding of my condition is that it was pre-incarnatively chosen in order to keep me focused on inner work. Those pre-incarnative distortions are there for a reason and I have long since made my peace with this. However I’d be glad to feel better and wish him well in trying his healing!

I also took some time today to address a question from Gary B and Terry H. They both noticed that there was a difference between the Ra’s version of Jesus’ coming to forgiveness and stopping the wheel of karma on the cross and the Q’uo’s version in the 1-21-07 session just posted.

I explained to them that we are a research organization rather than a church and the LOO is research material, not holy writ. Variant Confederation versions of the story on karma and Jesus all note that it is forgiveness, of both self and other-self, which stops the wheels of karma. I OK’d placing a footnote to that effect in the Q’uo session. I have zero interest in encouraging the energies of religion and dogma in connection with L/L Research’s work.

Jim’s and my evening was very quiet, as we watched an especially hard-hitting Democracy Now newscast concerning the illegal detention of innocent people, came downstairs for supper and conversation with Gary before the Gaia Meditation, after which we came back upstairs for a final snuggle and an early bedtime.