Saturday, February 10, 2007


Another chilly day with brilliant sunshine was the backdrop for a day of rest for Jim and me. We enjoyed a film called Proof and one called V for Vendetta, neither movie a winner as a work of art but both offering excellent performances especially in the case of Gwyneth Paltrow in Proof. I got my hair cut, still leaving my pixie cut dark, shiny green until after St Patrick’s Day, and we ate a delicious lunch at KT’s, one of my favorite restaurants.

It was a blessing to rest and I hope it ends up helping my comfort level. I continue to deal with a lot of discomfort and will probably need to consult my rheumatologist and alter my medication to deal with this pain, especially the nerve pain from back and shoulders unless it lets up by tomorrow’s end.

Jim’s and my only work for L/L Research today was to offer our Morning Offering and the evening’s Gaia Meditation faithfully. I offered the ending prayer tonight.

Gary B and our web guy are having a very interesting conversation concerning the footnote Gary thought it might be a good idea to place in the 1-21-07 channeling where the Q’uo group are talking about forgiveness and karma. It echoes material in the Ra sessions, but is somewhat variant in details. The footnote suggested by Ian states simply that there is material in a specific Ra session which is also on this topic which some may find interesting to read. I think that does a good job of offering material to the reader without comment on which version holds more truth.

If I were inherently a joiner and a follower, I suppose something in me would have long ago tried to create a “right” version of my belief system, detail by detail. However neither in my Christian walk nor in my L/L Research walk, which contains not only learning but the bulk of my outer service to others, have I ever felt any urge to codify or quantify my faith into doctrine or dogma. My instinct at all times is to keep my seeking open to the qualitative nuances of information.

Those who come L/L Research’s way are coming to us at least in part because we are not a dogmatic source but a true research source, I feel.