Sunday, February 11, 2007


This was the final day of Jim’s and my resting time and we enjoyed it greatly. After Morning Offering we watched What The Bleep, a gift of Eccles P. In the afternoon, after a good lunch and stretching, I slept through the two films that remained on our little docket of videos.

It has been a wonderful rest, and I am only vaguely apologetic because I am still in the considerable discomfort this mini-vacation from work was intended to heal.

Regardless of that discomfort, Jim and I had a stellar day. Our twentieth year of marriage is almost at an end, as we were married May 30, 1987. The depth of sweetness between us seems to me to spiral ever upwards as we see more and more of the Creator in each other. Affectionate words are echoed in kindnesses and love is reflected in love. Surely when we pass through the gates of death into larger life and pause to look back on what we have wrought in this lifetime, our relationship and its transparency to the one infinite Creator will stand out as one of our best gifts to the Creator.

We offered the Gaia Meditation together with Gary after a good conversation about channeling and “right” versions. I had not represented Gary fairly to our web guy when this subject first came up, getting details wrong, and I apologized for that, handsomely I hope. Don’t you think the most frustrating thing, in a discussion, is to be misrepresented? I think we worked through the catalyst together well.

Other than not going to church tomorrow, which I will do, I cannot think of anything else to try to assuage the keen nerve pain in my arms and back, chest and shoulders. I shall need to talk with Dr. June about beefing up my anti-inflammatory medication. C’est la vie, say the old folks! It goes to show you never can tell! (Quoting an old rock and roll song.)

We shall persevere with joy, regardless! There is much to do, and at whatever handicap I do it, I am eager to be back at it.