Tuesday, February 13, 2007


I awoke still dealing with nerve pain, so after Jim’s and my Morning Offering, I set about responding to that situation. I went through all of my prescription bottles, checking them off against my paper records. I adjusted the paper records to match what I was actually taking and got the Rx List updated. Then I identified the anti-inflammatory pill and the tummy-soother pill which I would ask for the doctor to prescribe more of.

I wrote up a report on the symptoms, on what had been done to address the matter and on what I hoped we could do now to cope. It was a bit complex because I had originally thought this was heart pain rather than chest wall pain, and had called Dr. A, my GP, rather than Dr. J, my rheumatologist. So Dr. J needed to be caught up on what Dr. A. had prescribed and how that had not worked.

I got that fax, plus the supporting documents, off to Dr. J, with an FYI cc to Dr. A.

Jim and I enjoyed a most pleasant lunch. He had spent the morning polishing our ancient silver, a project which takes some time, as we have a lot of old, broken sets of things and I am loath to let anything go as it all reminds me of my Mother and how she loved the old family heirlooms. Jim’s been noodling away at this polishing project for the last couple of weeks when other work is not demanding his time.

After our stretching routine, I came up to discover an e-mail from Dana R. She had decided to donate some of her work to L/L Research. Dana is dealing with terminal cancer and is attempting to square things away with her estate. She has no money, but she owns the rights to several wonderful books she has written, all of which are now out of print. It is her hope that L/L Research be able to reprint her books, somewhere down the line in the future.

Her especial concern is her Mosaics book, a brilliant, unpublished work on language and sound. It is a very small book, less than 100 pages. She has done a mosaic page for each letter of the alphabet. Now she is writing a “Wisdoms” page of thoughts for each letter to go with the mosaics themselves. I feel sure that Hampton Roads, who commissioned the volume, will want to publish it. However I assuaged her concerns by assuring her that we would see to its publication if Hampton Roads dropped it. In any event, she wants us to put the mosaics up on line, which we will be glad to do.

Still dealing with e-mail concerning the Aaron/Q’uo Dialogues protocol, I cleared away some concerns from our web guy that this project was taking up too much of my time, what with the sendings ack and forth. It does take a bit of time but I believe that time is well spent.

I had flubbed the send of my changes in Appendix A for A Book of Days, and so I sent the document a different way. Hopefully, Ian now has that copy and can complete that part of the manuscript. And I thanked Ian for a sweet photo of a kitten discovering what happens when you step on piano keys. Its expression was priceless! We have gotten a rash of absolutely maxxed-out-cute pet pics lately. Selcan sent a set from Turkey which shows kittens and puppies sleeping with infants that takes the prize, I think.

Melissa T, our beloved volunteer who has moved on to life out west, sent a very brief note to say that she is now in California! Now that’s a bold move! The west coast in general is an expensive place to live, but the Californian part of it is the most expensive place to live along that coast. I shall be praying for her big-time!

I could not focus well enough to work creatively today, the nerve pain being very distracting. I am so eager to engage again with this work. Yet when my brain is “off”, I can tell that and it is best not to slog on regardless, as I need to write deftly and securely in this project. Hopefully tomorrow will see an adjustment to my medications that takes me out of this level of pain. I do look forward to that!

I stopped by LabCorp to do the labs for Dr. J. which she requires each month, figuring that the timing was right for these tests, as she will be able to have them in hand tomorrow when she responds to my fax. Then I had a colonic, something which I do periodically as a part of my general health practice. High colonics such as Lil offers clean away small, hard particles which have gotten caught in the transverse colon, gently washing them away from the colon walls with the flowing warm water over the course of an hour. I have been seeing Lil for years, and we always have a good time catching up as she works the big machines that do the job pleasantly and painlessly.

Jim and I indulged in a good nap after our bath and a very good Democracy Now program, awakening to come down for supper and then sharing a romantic tryst. You can imagine how strengthening this activity is to my vital energy as well as my self-concept. Interstitial cystitis has me in diapers and my husband’s continued amatory interest restores me to a feeling of being human, loved and cherished as nothing else really can do. So far I have not had to go haring off to the bathroom in the midst of things when we are being romantic, and I fervently thank the Lord for that grace!

We finished the evening with the Gaia Meditation and a block of Star Trek Enterprise, most of the episodes of which we have not seen, so that was a real treat. We said good night around midnight.